The Traveling Quirk: Grandover Resort in Greensboro, North Carolina

August 31, 2015
The best thing in the world for me is when I get a chance to start paying my mother back for all of the support she has given me my whole life. 

Most people wait for decade years to do it big for their parents' birthdays (50, 60, 70...); however, I know my mother better than that. This year, she turned 49 years old and I knew that she would want to start this new birth year off right. In her eyes, it's not only a birthday, it's her last year as a 40-something, so that's a "big deal".

My brothers and I wanted to make sure that this was a birthday that she'd never forget, so we surprised her with a stay at a hotel resort that she has always wanted to go to: The Grandover Resort in Greensboro, North Carolina. I enjoyed my discounted stay at The Grandover Resort a little too much and took at least one hundred pictures. I've refined my experience at this luxury stay to a few pictures and description, but know that this weekend at the resort was absolutely magical.
My brothers and I wanted to make sure that we kept my mom's stay at the hotel a surprise, so I checked into the hotel a few hours beforehand for a sneak peak.

6 FREE Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses

August 28, 2015
I know that I'm not the only one out there that wants to help Black businesses, but sometimes the way my bank account is set up prevents that from happening. Well, fear not! There are several ways that you can help Black businesses survive while still making sure that your bills are paid. Here are 6 FREE ways to support Black-owned businesses:

Quirky, Brown Chick: Jelisa Jay Robinson

August 27, 2015
If I had it my way, all of the quirky, brown chicks of the world would come together, become friends and sing kumbaya while listening to Solange and drinking craft beer. Until that day comes, I present to you the Quirky, Brown Chick series. Meet Jelisa Jay Robinson of Black Girl, Latin World.
1. How would you describe your personal style?
I describe my personal style as a mix of earthly brown, sleek Black and pretty pink.  I love wearing simple outfits and dark wash jeans. Every once in a while, I will rock a dress.  I love shirts with lace and fantastic prints.  I just wear whatever catches my eye and looks great.

2. What song are you vibing with right now?
I can't stop listening to "Dale" by Los Rakas.  The beat in infectious.  Also, Chino y Nacho's "Me Voy Enamorado" because it is a super fun jam!

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