How To Shop Black-Owned Businesses For Everyday Life

April 29, 2015
How To Shop Black-Owned Businesses For Everyday Life
In the midst of all of the publicized turmoil that Black America is facing, a lot of people have decided that they want to support more Black businesses. After the Michael Brown verdict, several people decided to get together and boycott big business on Black Friday, with good success. So now that Black Friday and the holidays over and the lives of Black people still aren't being valued as they should, are you still supporting black-owned businesses?

When you hear 'black-owned business' I'm sure that most people think of natural hair products and possibly a few gifts and trinkets. In your everyday life, however, hair products and trinkets aren't going to help you get through the day. Think about what brands are in your shower, on your face, in your pantry, and in your lunch boxes. I bet that I could guess at least half of the products in your house because they are the products in everyone's house. People have told me that it is too difficult to find black-owned businesses for everyday life, therefore I have come up with a list of my favorites to help everyone out. I hope that the way that I have organized this list helps your rethink black-owned businesses and helps point out the importance of circulating the black dollar within the black community.

Post-Traumatic Slave Disorder: Aspects of Slavery That Are Still Affecting Black Americans Today (Part I)

April 28, 2015
Post-Traumatic Slave Disorder:  Aspects of Slavery That Are Still Affecting Black Americans Today
Why is it that when a Black person talks about slavery, everyone in the room seems to get so uncomfortable? 

In school, we learn all about the several wars that America has engaged in and the devastation that came from war, but for some reason talking about the devastation that the American slave trade caused on Black Americans and Africa is seen as being taboo and 'anti-progressive'.

"Why are you people still talking about slavery? It was a thing of the past. I didn't enslave your ancestors."

Why are we as a nation suppose to forget almost 250 years of our history? The holocaust occured for 5 years and was absolutely horrific. If you lived in Germany, you wouldn't dare go up to a family member of a Holocaust victim and say "Why are you people still talking about the Holocaust? You should just forget about it because we can never move forward with people like you." Did you know that there is a Holocaust Remembrance Day? On April 16th (and in some places the whole week), Holocaust victims are commemerated and their are activities to show respect.

Now, I would never compare the devastation of the Holocaust and American Chattel Slavery, as these are two completely separate parts of history. It does make me wonder, however, why there is no slavery commemoration in America for all of the barbaric crimes, mutilations, lynchings, and medical injections committed against the ancestors of Black Americans.

Is slavery really a thing of the past? I say no. Epigenetically and psychologically, there is no way that 250 years of oppresion and torture can ever be forgotten, especially since we are still facing the detriment of chattel slavery today. Here is Part I of aspects of slavery and post-slavery that are still prevelant in America today. To all of the self-proclaimed "New Blacks" out there (cough, couch Raven...cough, cough Simone), you might want to take a seat and listen:

Going the Distance: A Letter On Long Distance Relationships

April 27, 2015
Going the Distance: A Letter On Long Distance Relationships

[A Letter from Alexandria of]

Twenties. The years that the most change happens. 

The years of complete bliss, responsibility, living, adulthood, freedom, commitment, yes oxymorons in a nutshell.

For my twentieth birthday I promised myself to be better. I've lived up to this by getting closer to God, loving myself, loving others, and trying to stay grounded and focused. I wasn't sure the guy I was interested in at the time would make the cut...

He did. We now are in a long distance relationship and I love him more each day.

As an almost 21 year old, it's a bit early to say this may be it, but he is the reason I can say I am in my first adult relationship. I fell in love with his friendship, his support, his gentleness, his humor, the list goes on. So when it was time for me to leave for Buenos Aires, I was most terrified to be apart for 5 months just as we were swinging into things.

Since I've been here we've gotten so much closer and it seems a little too easy that in two months I'll be able to touch his face again. Being abroad certainly was a test, but it's such challenges that you have no choice but to rise to to meet the occasion. While I can't go into extensive detail, here are a few ways we're thriving.

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