4 Black Comic Books for The Quirky, Brown Soul

April 13, 2015
In my heart lives a super fan girl.  I dream of one day having the courage to put on a costume and go to ComiCon! One common trait of the carefree spirit is to have several diverse hobbies and interests. Sometimes, nothing seems more fun that taking an afternoon to visit a comic book store and getting lost in an adventure. While these 4 black comic books may not all be on the shelves, they are definitely work checking out!

5 Life Lessons I Learned From Bob Marley (Guest Post)

April 09, 2015

[Written by Kathleen of House of Polynesia]

Reggae music has always been a huge part of my life growing up, I would hear it in the car, school, grocery store, the beach,  it was pretty much everywhere. And local Hawaiian reggae music has a lot of influence from Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, and many other Jamaican Musicians. It is a genre of music that to me brings me to a more mindful place. Many people see Bob Marley as a Jamaican Musician who smoked weed made some songs and then died, but he was so much more than that. He was bi-racial growing up in the rural parts of Jamaica during a time when mixed children were looked down on. He was a peace keeper between the many poor black Jamaican citizens and the aristocratic white government. He eat, slept, drank, and breathed music, I devoured the documentary that us currently on Netflix about his life, it was amazing to see him work and hear his close friends and family give their testimonials about him and his passion for life. So I wanted to share some life lessons I took away from the film.

Why Google Doesn't Consider Black Women to be Beautiful (And Why it is Partially Our Fault)

April 03, 2015
By now, every black millennial has probably conducted a Google search for "beautiful women" or "beautiful men" in order to prove a shock factor point to their friends that the only people that the world considers to beautiful are blonde, white women and six-pack wearing white men. I've conducted this same search several times throughout different months and this is what I found:

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