How to use Google Keyword Tool (Blogging Tips)

March 29, 2015
Recently, I have discovered the magic of the Google Keyword Tool and would like to share! Check out my step by step tutorial below on how to use Google Keyword Tool to see what is being searched the most on Google:

Step 1: Google "Google Keyword tool" and click on that first link.
 Step 2: Either make a new Google Adword account or sign in if you already have one.
 Step 3: After you are all signed in, it should bring you to this page. In the navigation bar, click on "Tools" and then "Keyword Planner"
 Step 4: Under the list "What would you like to do" click "Search for new keyword and ad group ideas"
 Step 5: Enter in your prospective "keyword" or "key phrase". I chose "black girl" because that is who I write about.
 Step 6: Look at the average monthly searches in the graph. This is how many searches words related to your keyword/phrase receive each month. If you look below the graph, you will see different ad groups that are similar to your keyword, as well as the average monthly searches for that group of keywords and the competition level. If competition is high, it means that a lot of people and companies are trying to rank on Google for that phrase, so it may be hard if you want to also rank for that phrase. If competition is low, then you have a better chance at ranking on Google for that word.

The goal is to be ranked on the first page of Google, so you want to use keywords with high monthly searches and low competition
After you have evaluated that word or phrase, you can try out a few other phrases as well just by typing it in and clicking "Get Ideas" by the search bar above.

Have you ever used the Google Keyword Tool?

A Sit Down with Brown Actress, Shani Ashley Francillon

March 23, 2015
Part of the reason that I started Quirky, Brown Love was to talk about the representation of brown actors and actresses in Hollywood. Therefore, I reached out to Shani Ashley, a seasoned actress who was glad to tell me her take on Hollywood and what it takes to succeed as a black woman in this industry.

1. So, I reached out to you because I noticed that you were an actress.What is your major career focus?
My major career focus is film. I am a movie lover; from the age of ten I would create movie plots and act them out. I still do that today! I’m hoping to be recognized in the film industry before I am 25 years old. In 2014 I did about three short films, so this year I want to complete six short films. However, because I am still in school, I am focused on commercials since the shoot days are usually two days out the week so I won’t have to miss that many days of school. Last semester I did a commercial for H&R Block and only had to miss one day of school. I’m graduating from college this year, so soon as my diploma is handed to me I can pursue my goals in the film industry full-time.

2. Was your family always supportive of your career choice?
-My family has always been supportive of my career choice, however, they don’t want it to be my only career choice. In other words, my mother still hopes that I will become a doctor but I’m sure deep down she knows I’m going to be an actress. My parents are the ones who put me into acting school. I remember Saturday mornings, my dad would drive me to the city and take a nap in the car while I was in class. My parents and two older sisters came to all my plays and have even taken me to auditions. Last week I had an audition and a statistics test in the same day, so my mother drove me from Brooklyn to Manhattan at 8am for a 2 minute audition! That is love, that is support, and I am grateful for it. 

3. Have you encountered any problems with stereotyping during casting calls or in other aspects of acting?

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