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February 06, 2015
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Quirky, Brown Life Icon: someone who lives their life beyond the norm that is expected of them based on society's expectations. An inspiration, a breath of fresh air and a cool chick all around.
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Meet Mo Handahu. Mo is the creative, quirky soul behind the blog Lion Hunter, a well organized hub for everything fashion. She named her blog "Lion Hunter" because of the meaning of her last name, Handahu. Mo is a Quirky, Brown Life Icon not only because of her impeccable and fearless style, but because of her "go-get-it" attitude. She is constantly featured on the Fashion Magazine Style Panel, she is a STYLELIST Content Curator, and the creator of her shop, Clutch Culture

Fall in love with Mo with the pictures I have posted below (hey, that rhymes lol):

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Want to see more? Make sure to check out Mo's Blog, Lion Hunter as well as her Instagram!

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How The Producers of O.T. Genesis' "In Love With The Coco" are Single-handedly Ruining The Black Community (Thoughtful Thursday)

February 05, 2015
I have been wanting to write this post for a long time. Before I get started, I would like to start off by saying that this is not suppose to be a hateful post, but a post on my opinion on the paramount significance that this song has on the black community.

As a society (from an American standpoint), the media has made a lot of things more acceptible and we have become desensitized to a lot of things as well.  As much as we don't like to think about it, the media has a large effect on our lives. For example, why do you think trends become trends? Why do girls dress with less and tighter clothing every year? What made high-waisted shorts come back? Why are we told that guys have to like beer and girls have to like mai-tais? Why do you have beer, wings and dip at every superbowl party? You may say, "because I just like it and everyone else happens to like it too" but it could also be because these things are marketed at all of us and you have gotten to a point that it is just normal. It all becomes "the norm".

So, to whom is the media trying to market "In Love With the Coco", a song about cocaine? Turn to a Top Hits radio station, listen all day and you will never hear this song. Now, turn to your local Hip Hop and R&B radio station. You will hear this song every hour on the hour. It doesn't take research to know that "In Love With the Coco" is a Billboard Hot 100 hit (actually peaked at 23). So, why is it not played on Top Hit radio?
When I first heard the song, my mouth dropped as he proceeded to tell me that he loves cocaine and that he got it for a cheap price. Then he tells us that one of the ingredients is baking soda that needs to be whipped in a glass bowl, but if you don't know how to make it, at least know how much to ask for ("36, that's a kilo"). 
As if the song lyrics weren't bad enough, the video leaves nothing for the imagination.  The video shows O.T. Genesis actually making what looks like cocaine. It also shows guns, lots of money and worst of all, marijuana.

Why is it worst of all that they show marijuana and cocaine in the same video? Because of this constant comparision, people loop together weed, which is a plant and cocaine, which is a harmful substance that needs to be cooked and is proven to have several adverse effects on health. Also, marijuana is legal in some American states and is also used for therapuetic reasons (Glaucoma, ADHD, seizures, etc.). The cocaine that most people find on the streets usually is not pure cocaine and usually includes even more harmful toxins, hints the street name of 'crack cocaine' because it is not pure.
Did you know that of all of the people in prison in the USA, 51% are in for drug related charges and 32% have drug possession as their highest offense? (Source 1 and Source 2 based on 2013 statistics). 

So, how exactly are the producers of "In Love With The Coco" single-handedly ruining the black community? I will break it down for you:

1. Do you know how much work and money it takes to get a song put on the radio? Yes, songs typically do well if they have a great beat and a catchy hook, which this song definitely has; however, that alone isn't going to get a song on the radio. In order to get a top hit song on the large commercial radio stations, you need a large budget, lots of contacts and a lot of people to say yes. So in order for us to hear "In Love With The Coco", someone had to first write the song, find someone to rap the song, pay for countless studio hours and have someone produce the song. Already, that is a whole company worth of people who thought that this song was a great idea. Then this song had to get promoted across the country to different radio stations and media companies, which took millions of marketing dollars, press releases and effort to do.

2. Now that this song is on the radio and has a video that compares cocaine to marijuana, there are more people out there, kids especially, who think that cocaine is just another thing to try. It has the potential to become a norm and I bet that drug dealers are selling more cocaine because of this song.

3. Weed has a potential to become legalized everywhere within the next few elections. Cocaine, on the other hand, has zero potential of being legal in this lifetime. So, since the legal system will not be able to lock people up for marijuana possession in the near future, why don't we get everyone addicted to crack so that we don't lose our funding nor our prison work force! Also, the prison sentence for crack is higher than that of weed, so there would be less turnover rate. There are so many corporations benefiting from cheap $0.50/hour prison labor that the USA would go into the deepest depression it's ever seen without it. (Don't believe me? Check out this list).

Putting our people in prison is one of the things that is ruining the black community. Once someone has been put it prison, they either have a misdemeanor or felony and are unable to get a real career or rent an apartment because of it. Working full time minimum wage in my state will only get you $15,080 a year, BEFORE TAX. In order to rent an apartment, you need to make 3x your rent and then factor in children and living. 

Some people may say that I am crazy and that this is just a song, and that is okay since everyone is entitled to their opinion; however, I know that the media doesn't do anything without reason. Why do you think songs like "In Love With The Coco" and "Pop The Molly, I'm Sweatin'" have been played constantly, yet the songs of more decent rappers are never played? Part of the same reason that the only brown people glorified on TV are the ones trying to rap or play basketball, fighting and cursing or sleeping with someone's husband.

So, what do we do about it? 

Brown Love Stories: Kriselle and Darrell

February 04, 2015
Hello, everyone! I am super excited to introduce to you a cute couple that I sought out to present to you today! Meet Kriselle, the blogger behind the blog Livin' and Lovin', and her boyfriend, Darrell. I am such a big fan of Kriselle's blog, so when I saw that she had a boyfriend, I had to ask her to be on my blog. I hope that you enjoy!

1. Name (hers and his) 
Kriselle & Darell

2. Age (hers and his)
20 and 22

3. Length of Relationship
4.5 years 

4. How did you two meet? 
Also, please include your links to social media if you would like!
We met at church through his cousin that invited him. Neither of us liked each other in that way when we first met, but over time as we got to know each other, that obviously changed, haha. Actually, I'm the one who initiated things! If you want to read the full, novel-style version of how we met & started dating, you can find that here

5. What makes your relationship "quirky" or unique? 
 Kriselle: What makes our relationship quirky are our inside jokes, most definitely. We have weird pet names for each other (he calls me a cozy banana, what?) and sometimes we'll have weird/stupid code words for things. When we talk about these things in public I feel like we're the weirdest people in the world but I love it because only he can get me and vice versa. 
Darell: Me & Kriselle's relationship is unlike any other and its nearly impossible to describe to someone from an outside perspective, we can truly be bestfriends/worstenemies to biggest fans/harshest critics.

6. What is one quirky habit that you have learned about him? 
 Man, this is a hard one... I'm not sure if I can pin point just one! Well, I guess I would have to say that sometimes I will do or say something really cheesy but sometimes Darell will go along with it and sometimes do it too! He works very hard to portray a certain image to the outside world that when he acts in these ways with me I almost fall in love with him more because it's different than how he normally is. He continues to surprise me every day. 
7. What is one quirky habit that you have learned about her? 
Surprisingly she eats a lot despite her small size.

8. Quirkiest moment and/or adventure?  
Kriselle: There isn't anything specific that comes to mind, but it's something along the lines of our food runs either to random places (like driving nowhere in particular and just deciding to find the nearest Island's) or at random times (going to the grocery store at 1 o'clock in the morning) and when we use video game references to get through life (like how he encouraged me recently by comparing our relationship to the weapons in a video game we used to play when we first started dating). 
Darell: A recent favorite memory was working black friday with her then just hanging out shopping, then going to Islands that night and ending the night with a movie. We were at the mall for 15 hours.

9. What will the back cover or your love story read. 
 "When you looked at their relationship as a whole, you would find yourself frequently asking, who would put themselves through all this crap for one person? But then you take a step back and look at all that 'crap' and realize how strong they've become in the process. They're here to prove them all wrong." 

Don't forget to check out Kriselle's blog as well as her social media sites.

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