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Quirky, Brown Love is a Media Outlet For Quirky Millennials of Color.

Some of us were the only Black student in the Asian culture club, some of us were dedicated attendees of Warped Tour and any other alternative rock shows that came to our cities. Some of us still rock Hot Topic or old band t-shirts from [insert scene band from 2005 here].

Some of us relate more to Jess Day and Mindy Kaling than Cookie Lyon. Some of us have Evanescence, Paramore, Fetty Wap and Kendrick Lamar on the same Spotify playlist.

Most of us have been told that we "talk White" or "act White". Yet, we are not White and we face as much discrimination as any other Black person.

Founded in October 2014, Quirky, Brown Love love is for the quirky, conscious and romantic soul. Just because we are quirky doesn't mean that we are not woke. On Quirky, Brown Love, you will find:

  • Relatable content about growing up Black and quirky.
  • Features and interviews from Black creatives and entrepreneurs
  • Travel accounts and itineraries for quirky wanderlust
  • Advice about dating while being quirky and creating
  • Conscious tips on how to uplift and support the Black community through Black business

Meet The Editor-in-Chief and Head Writer, Bryanda Law
Many bloggers and editors can boast a degree in English, Marketing, Fashion or Communications. Bryanda Law; however, is a certified nerd. With a B.S. in Biology with a Spanish minor from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Law works as a Cytogenetic Technologist when she is not creating most of the content for Quirky, Brown Love.

What started as a passion project when Law was upset about how Black people were misrepresented in the media, has grown into a profitable media outlet that has been able to connect with quirky, Black people across the world. The transparency that can be found on Quirky, Brown Love is unmatched. Typos will be found and point of views will be tested, though hopefully all can come together in a big kumbaya drum circle at the end.

Quirky, Brown Love- The Impact
Our media outlet has thankfully grown into a hub for quirky, Black people around the world. The support that Quirky, Brown Love has received is so humbling.
  • .6 Million Pageviews/Month
  • 13.5K Twitter Peeps
  • 10.7K Instagram Homies (started February 2016)
  • 65% of readers are Black millennial women
  • Winner of the Black Weblog Awards 2015 for Graphic Design
  • Winner of the Southern Blogger Impact Award 2016

Quirky, Brown Love- The Services
Quirky, Brown Love is very selective about which brands we introduce to our audience so that we can maintain our transparency with our readers. We provide the following services:
  • Sponsored Content Creation with Profession Photography
  • Sponsored Video Creation with Profession Editing
  • Sidebar advertising (Small Business Only)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Hosting
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Keynote Speaking from Editor-in-Chief, Bryanda Law
For advertising, speaking or press inquiries, please email Bryanda Law at editor@quirkybrownlove.com.

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