8 Lessons That FLOTUS Has Taught Us About Relationships These Past 8 Years

October 21, 2016
by Susan Caleb
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For almost eight years, First Lady Michelle Obama’s sophistication, beauty, intellect, consciousness, and overall down to earth nature has given melanated women all over the globe something to aspire to. But her relationship with POTUS is the thing that gives us life!

Dating While Creating: Addressing The Struggle In Entrepreneurship

October 18, 2016
by Susan Caleb
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You are doing what you love, and crushing it. You’re meeting your deadlines (well, sometimes) and coming up with great products/content. Your schedule is a little hectic, but it’s all good, because you are ROCKING this entrepreneur thing! 

Your excitement quickly dies down when you realize that the entrepreneur thing is the only thing being rocked these days. And without a missed beat, Brian McKnight’s starts singing in your head, and it hits you—it’s been six months, eight days, twelve hours since you’ve had a date. This. Can’t. Be. Life…

Solange Release Music Videos For "Cranes In The Sky" and "Don't Touch My Hair"

October 03, 2016
Words cannot explain how excited music fans were for the release of Solange's new album...and then she released two music videos days later.
If you have been sleeping on Solange, she is coming through your room with a soothing and consciously driven alarm clock to wake you up. Carefree black girls and Solo fans rejoiced when the songstress released her album A Seat At The Table on the last day of September. Twitter welcomed the new album with open arms, as the hashtags #SolangeAlbumTakeover and #ASeatAtTheTable trended all throughout the day.
Only days later and Solange has release music videos for two of our favorite songs, "Cranes In The Sky" and "Dont Touch My Hair". She doesn't want us to be productive this week. Nope. No she doesn't. 

Cranes In The Sky

Don't Touch My Hair
My first thoughts on both videos were 'spirit captured'. I scurried to find out who the directors were for the videos and was not surprised to find out that they were both Solange herself, as well as her husband, Alan Ferguson. In "Cranes In The Sky", I couldn't believe how many different scenes that were used in the short 3 minute video. Yet, somehow every scene made sense. Also the use of pastel pink and symmetry of angles that Solange made with her body made the music video a moving art piece. 
The video for "Don't Touch My Hair" almost made me cry by how beautiful it is. The opening scene of Solange shaking her beads reminded me of childhood. Going forward, the use of a collective of Black people through her video is so inspiring and necessary. 
Rarely do our non-Black understand the importance and history behind our hair and this is lack of understanding is an experience that almost every Black person can relate to. Sampha with his soothing voice and uniquely formed locks was the perfect person to be features on this song and video.
What do you think of her choice to release these songs as her first music videos? What is your favorite song on  A Seat At The Table?

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