Entrepreneurial Couple, Amiri and Yayha Teach Us How To Live An "Nspiyahd" Life

September 26, 2016
by Susan Caleb
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Meet the adorable couple who will give you all of the feels, and remind you that wholesome black families still exist. Amiri and Yayha, the couple behind The NSPIYAHD Life, run a business that uses nature to promote the spiritual, mental, and physical healing of the Black family.

Two Or More: Addressing The Question, "What are you?"

September 14, 2016
by Danielle James
I was born in New York City to a Jewish-Belgian mother and a Jamaican father. When I was little, I moved to Belgium, but spent at least two months each year with my family in New York, or Jamaica, or Israel. I have three younger brothers with whom I’m very close, but not one of us shares two of the same parents. 

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