Vine Couple Simone Shepherd and King Keraun Talk About Prison Time, Black Instagram and Being Internet Famous (Video)

January 28, 2016
Simone Shepherd and King Keraun Vine
With over 3.1 million Vine followers and followers in the mid six figures on their other social media accounts, Simone Shepherd and Keraun Harris haved definitely achieved the status of being internet famous. 

In an age where social media is so readily available, many aspiring artists are bypassing the traditional method of acting for the big screen in exchange for entertaining viewers from the comforts of their cell phones. In an interview with Fusion, Shepherd and Harris talk their newfound celebrity status, as well as how they plan to evolve their brand if Vine and Instagram become irrelevant. Harris also opens up about his two and a half year sentence in prison and Shepherd talks about her thoughts on "Black Vine" and "Black Instagram".

Watch the interview here and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments:

How To Create Your Carefree Black Girl Haven at Home

January 20, 2016
Living with a guy has both its advantages and disadvantages. Matt and I have spent most of our 4 year relationship living together, whether it be his college apartment, my dorm room and now our apartment that we've had for about a year and a half. During that time, I've continued to live my life as a minimalist. A messy minimalist to be completely honest, but I definitely don't have as much stuff as Matt. Matt's belongings could easily take over our entire 700 sq ft apartment and has already taken up our outdoor storage closet. Case and point:

Kheyra Talks Monotony In The Music Industry, Opening For Jhene Aiko and Her New Album "Take Flight"

January 13, 2016
On a Saturday morning not too long ago, I was on a Soundcloud binge and stumbled across the soothing voice of musical sensation, Kheyra. I loved her new album, Take Flight so much that I listened to it on repeat as I wrote my blog posts for the week. Kheyra has the type of voice that gives you hope about today's music. I was lucky enough to have the chance to interview Kheyra about her inspiration for her career:

Meet The Courageous Contributors Who Are Helping Necole Kane Shape xoNecole's Voice

January 11, 2016
Necole Kane shocked the whole Black community last year when she decided to put an end to her popular online publication, Necole Bitchie. Necole Bitchie was the place that many Black women went to get their celebrity gossip fix; however after almost eight successful and very profitable years, Kane called it quits to build a more positive brand, xoNecole.

Lena Waithe aka Denise on Netflix's Master of None Talks About Diversity on Television

January 06, 2016
Lena Waithe first got on my radar when she helped produce the Sundance sensation, Dear White People and now has my full attention as Aziz Ansari's down-to-earth lesbian co-star, Denise in Netflix's Master of None. The 31 year old Chicago native has one of the most impressive resumes that I've seen for someone her age. Her works including, writing for Bones and Nickelodeon's How To Rock, producing Dear White People, Notorious and most recently working with Common to produce a Showtime series about Chicago.

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