How To Start A New Season In Your Life Like A Rockstar

Most of us in the entrepreneurial arena have heard some motivational life coach say something along the lines of "how you end a season in your life is how you start a new season".

It took a bit of mental digesting for me to understand the statement, but I realized that they are absolutely right. So many of us have these milestone dates in our heads that signify a new season such as the new year, a birthday or a graduation; however, what are we really doing to ensure a successful fresh start?

Ever wonder why so many resolutions fail within the first month? Because we make the resolution for a new season without preparing for it in the current season. 
For example: losing weight. I know so many people that say "oh, in the new year, I'm going to make my health a priority" but then plan to pig out on unhealthy food and skip exercise until January 1st. Because they didn't plan to do meal prep, come up with workout routines or start walking for a few minutes a day in their present season, they fall into a trap in their new season.Recently, I decided that I was tired of falling into my own traps, so I made a change. I've decided that I am going to start this new season in my life like a rockstar and I started here and now, in my present season.

In this new season, I've decided that I will have more clarity and intention in my life. Spontaneous travel will be a regular part of my life, I will be inspired daily. I will be more present, and I will thoroughly enjoy the experiences that I partake in. 

This is what I wrote in my journal a few months ago, as I am a big believe in writing down declarations of your life. So when I got the opportunity to review the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego in November, I knew that it was aligned with the vision that I have for the next season in my life. Deciding to take a trip at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego fulfilled my declaration of adding travel to my life, I was inspired by the beautiful bustling city of San Diego and all of the events and experiences that I had helped me be mindful and present the whole weekend.
If you've declared wealth over your life in your new season, you have to live as if you believe it to be so. Experiencing VIP at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego made me feel so exclusive and special. I usually stay at rental homes when I travel so I didn't have any expectations of our hotel check-in; however, when we were brought into a roped off lounge bar with private concierge for our VIP check-in, I was floored. Luckily, I was able to share this experience with my photographer so we could share our excitement. VIP also came with credits to the restaurants and for room service. Not a bad way to start off a rockstar weekend.
The most important thing for this particular trip for me was honestly the bed. I took this trip right before taking on a huge project, so good rest was paramount. Plus, you can't go into a new season of your life still weary of the ways of the world (yes, I sung that in Solange's voice in my head). I didn't realize how tired I had become until I woke up the next morning and realized that I slept for 10 hours! My photographer slept in late too, but hey, we were on vacation. 
Sometimes when we are in the grind of things, we forget about how much our bodies crave sleep, so there's nothing life a timely vacation that can help you re-center.

I'm not going to lie, I went all out on this trip. This has been one hell of a year for me, as I made a mental career change and decided to start taking the pursuit of finding my passion more serious. Doing so has led to lots of sleepless nights and frustrating anxiety episodes, but it has also led to some amazing, brag-worthy experiences that I didn't let myself fully celebrate.  In my vow to myself to be more present in my new season, I practiced this in my present season by fully enjoying every experience that I had on my trip. Well let me tell you...we went all in!
From five-star breakfast in bed to reading at sunrise on the room's patio, I lived.
I also had the opportunity to have the best and most unique massage EVER. Have you ever had a massage that is choreographed to music? Did you know that such a massage even existed? Neither. Did. I
So this picture below is obviously not me, but I had to find a picture hat describes the experience that I had! So, you see that clear dome with the black speaker in the middle? That was where the music was playing and the whole bed vibrated to the beat of the music. Not only that, but the massage therapist coordinated her movements to the rhythm of the songs. Incredible. Like really, as she was doing it, I couldn't believe it. 
The hotel is also in the perfect place for exploring, as it is right in the famed Gaslamp District (so close, you can see the district sign outside the window!). I'm not one of those stuffy travelers that stay in their room all day, so being able to walk the streets without having to make a big deal of driving was super convenient. It allowed us to be spontaneous and venture even further than we might have otherwise.
As the biology lover that I am, it was cool to explore a botanical house nearby. It was also awesome bringing my wing man/photographer on the trip with me so that we could capture memories of each other. Though, I feel like my adventurous spirit annoyed him at times, but he quickly got over it. I had to drag him on a sea lion tour because, well, I like marine animals! After we got out on the water though, he thought it was cool. No one was going to get in the way of my adventure.
Hard Rock has four eateries and/or bars and I went to all of them, thoroughly enjoying every meal. I think food is a qualifier for me if someone asks if I had a good time somewhere. Like if I'm at a cool event, but the food was just alright, then in my mind the event was just alright. So when I say that my time at Hard Rock was spectacular, just imagine how good the food was. 
Our favorite meal was with NOBU without a doubt. I was worried because my wing man, Joshua, had never really had sushi before outside of California rolls, where I on the other hand have made sushi a part of my regular diet. I was definitely prepared and willing to eat all of his sushi, however (unfortunately for my stomach), he loved everything! 

Let me set the scene for NOBU. You know those fancy sushi places that you see in your downtown area that you only imagine super successful people go to? The ones with the heavy cast-iron looking red doors and atmospheric lighting? Well, that's NOBU, except it is super approachable AND in the lobby of your hotel!
Now, I know that some of you guys are scrolling through this post and saying to yourself, "this girl is just bragging about her vacation." Well you know what? You are right. I am.

I think as entrepreneurs we forget that we can actually brag on and appreciate everything that we have accomplished throughout the year. Whether it is big or small, a lot of us are in this mind trap that whatever we have accomplished is not enough and we only focus on our next goal. I am super guilty of that. This year, I have had some amazing experiences that I have let myself really enjoy because I'm always looking to the next goal. This trip changed all that.
Treating myself to a relaxing time during my trip to Hard Rock Hotel San Diego was like a high-five to myself and everything that I've accomplished. It was the big "woo-sah" that I needed to close out my year and come back refreshed so that I can rock out my plans for this new year. I'm proud to say that the only work that I did during this trip was on a rooftop!
So tell me, when was the last time that you allowed yourself to celebrate your accomplishments? How are you planning to start your new year like a rockstar?

*So thankful for Hard Rock Hotel San Diego for comping my stay! To my readers, thank you for supporting the brands that support Quirky, Brown Love!
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