Dating While Creating: Miss Millennia's Jasmine Watts On Balancing Love And Business

Jasmine Watts of Miss Millennia Magazine inspires millennial women by proving that we can pursue our passions while maintaining successful relationships.

Millennial entrepreneurs, are all about chasing dreams, blazing trails, and going against the grain. But at times it seems as though we end up giving up our personal lives in the process.
Jasmine Watts let us in on her journey of creating and managing her very own magazine, all while building and maintaining a successful relationship.

QBL: What was the inspiration behind Miss Millennia Magazine?

JW: I graduated from college, and I was having a bit of a hard time. Not only did I have a gross misconception of how easy it was to find a job with a college degree in 2010 (during a recession) but I was facing other issues that we're never mentioned while I was in college. For example, how and when to pay off my student loans, how to know if you should pursue graduate school, and how you find a career after college with 0 experience.

So after discussing this issue with many of my peers who were facing the same thing, I thought, why not speak to all those my age with this problem? Thus, M3 was born!

QBL: How long did it take you to develop the magazine's concept?

It took a few month's to get it going. Approximately seven months to decide on the content ideas, and get the site launched. Knowing what I know now, I probably could've started it in a week from idea to a live website. I talk thoroughly about starting your own blog here.  We have had some branding and website changes over the years, and I must say, we've come a LONG way. 

QBL: With all that you've got going on, how do you balance running a magazine with your social/dating life?

JW: Between the magazine, my day job and my newest venture, El Gato Malo, I have to admit it's been a bit of a challenge knowing which items I should prioritize each day. Luckily, I work from home, so there are some days where I focus more on the Magazine vs. my other endeavors and vice versa. 

But I am also at an age where I believe that having fun, is necessary. It's like Nicki Minaj says, "Life is a movie, but there'll never be a sequel." There are some moments in life that are priceless. So when I see opportunities to make fun memories with my family or friends, I take them. My key to working at such a fast pace during the week is making sure I am enjoying my weekends and evenings.

QBL: What advice do you have for women entrepreneurs who struggle with work/life balance?

JW: Make time for life! Entrepreneurs are so bad about putting everything and everyone first for the sake of future success. Well, I say good luck on enjoying your future success if you run yourself ragged by then! Our bodies are simply machines that have the energy to do what we command of it. And just like you have to refuel your car to make sure it runs, you have to refuel your body with nourishment and fun! Making time for life is a necessity, not an option.

QBL: You mentioned that you were recently engaged, and we couldn't be happier for you! What is one quality that you view as a must have in a perspective mate?

JW: Chris and I have been together for a LONG time (7 years), and I can say that while we initially had many core values in common, we've grown together in a way that has motivated us both to reach our own personal and together goals. Chris was the first investor in Miss Millennia Magazine when I started it five years ago. And I introduced him to a whole new industry of entrepreneurs when he headlined our El Gato Malo private label business. 

The one quality I view as a must in a perspective mate is someone who is open minded enough to go with your crazy. Everyone has their own kind of crazy. Mine is that I like to take risks in businesses. And having someone who believes in you, sometimes before you even realize you believe in yourself, is HUGE in both running a company and in life. Find someone who gets you. And at the very least, is open to letting you be yourself as opposed to trying to change you.

QBL: What is something you've learned from working with your significant other?

JW: The road to finding each others roles in business together can be tough. But interestingly enough, I feel like we have a stronger bond because of it. We are not just an engaged couple; we are business partners, life partner's and each other's # 1 allies. We've got each other's back in every situation, and I trust that with every criticism we give one another, we have the other's best interest in mind.

QBL: Should we be on the lookout for any new projects?

JW: We recently launched our first product for our new El Gato Malo brand. It is a stainless steel French Press, and we are so proud of it! You can check out our press on Amazon here. We have a special going on for Quirky Brown love readers only for 15% off by using the code QuirkyBL at checkout. 

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