Cosplay Adventures: An Introduction to CutiePieSensei

by Meagan Faison
Are you as excited for BlerDCon as we are? As the Quirky, Brown Love team gets ready for the first annual BlerDCon, we are scouring Instagram for our favorite cosplayers of color.

Jasmine Mackey a.k.a. Cutiepie Sensei is a digital artist by day and cosplayer by night in Atlanta. Since being introduced to the cosplay world a couple years ago by her then boyfriend (now fiance - congrats girl!), Jasmine has channeled some of our favorite characters from Sailor Moon to Harley Quinn.
“I never knew anything about them, but always had a love for anime and video games. When he took me to my first one, I was officially in love. The people, the costumes, the atmosphere; it was like I had been missing out on paradise!”
“My favorite “all time” game is Kingdom Hearts II. Video games are becoming one of my favorite categories to cosplay from and eventually I hope to do more Overwatch cosplays outside of my Widowmaker.”
Photo credit: Andrew Michael Phillips

Check out all of Jasmine’s awesome cosplay looks on Instagram!

We’ll see you at BlerDCon June 30 - July 2, 2017? Get your tickets today!

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