Quirky Creatives to Follow: Edition Five

Everyday, I learn the importance of being your own fan. I am also learning how vital it is as a creative to continuously work on your craft.

There are days even I fall short of making sure that I learn the ins and outs of being transparent in my writing in order to remain consistent in the world of blogging. Consistency is key, and this week our quirky creatives are some dope folks who are constantly at work in their line of hustle. Be sure to add them on social media and follow their respective grinds.

1. Cap 6
Check out Cap(ital) 6! They’re a musical super squad embodying the five pillars of hip-hop. I was lucky to catch up with the collective at Atlanta’s A3C Hip-Hop festival and see them in their element, and it was awesome! Their original sound and combination of styles and flair being feel good music to every millennials’ SoundCloud playlist. They’ve been featured on multiple music sites as well as opened up for artists such as Earl Sweatshirt of OddFuture. Be sure to keep up with them, listen to their music and catch a show or two in a city near you!


You know we love all kinds of artists around here, but there’s always a special place for beauty bloggers and content creators. Stefaknee is our up and coming Haitian-American beauty guru, and a graduate of Florida A&M University. She’s an educator by day, but an all-around beauty maven. Her makeup tutorials and wig reviews show us a magnitude of versatility when it comes to dolling up as a WOC. She also has some dope “Day in the Life” vlogs and mini-tutorials on Snapchat that will surely keep you in know with her everyday life! Be sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel, and tell her who sent you!

3. Alien Astronauts

Chattam|Alvin|James|KIP (not pictured)
Hailing from different parts of the UniverSe (see what I did there?),  the self-proclaimed “revolutionary brand” Alien Astronauts, has created a new space for artists all over to explore and express their creative energies. Their website includes short films, and a series called BARS, which features different artists in organic poetic essences, as well as photography and pyrography.

They promote the movement of “Art Over Industry” so that artists progress through pioneering innovative ideas without any outside influences. Their energies have also created the ultimate annual art exhibition called Waffles and Brews, which brings creatives together under one roof to showcase a chosen theme through different lenses. Did I mention that the exhibit has unlimited waffles and brews? Oh yeah, that too. Be sure to check out Alien Astronauts online and follow their movement on social media.

Who are your favorite quirky creatives?

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