Hannah Faith Captures and Cultivates Beauty Through Both Visuals and Sounds

by Keila Dumas
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Photographer by day. Disc jockey by night.
Hannah Faith is a worldwide woman. Whether she’s behind the turntables spinning away, or behind the lense giving us a glimpse of her creative eye, Hannah uses her skills abundantly.
Hannah's relationship with music, as told to Cozy Magazine
"Music has always been attached to me in some sort of way it’s something that has always separated me from the ‘real’ world. I feel that when growing up I have been taught the world moves in a certain order. We go to school, go to university then after get a job and that’s you set for the rest of your life. 
"There is war, there is racism, a woman can’t love a woman. A man can’t love a man. If you dress a certain way you fit into a specific category. There is too much oppression and standards for living, when really and truly we are all just human beings and we are all equal. For some reason we have been shaped to believe in things that really doesn’t matter.
"Life is beautiful, life is a blessing, but I feel I was brought up into a world full of hatred and disease.
"Music puts me in a world where I feel love in its purest form, music unites people, it makes me feel like there is hope. It pulls me out of my dark thoughts when I start to feel negative about the world. Music has always been my healer."
If you’re into music, you will love her Soundcloud playlists that cater to whatever mood you find yourself in, and if there is one thing they all have in common, it’s their ability to make you feel good. 
Check out our favorite playlist of hers below, entitled “HEIGHTS”.
If you’re into photography, her Instagram is filled with her dope journey through photography. You can even check out her VSCO collection, Created by Faith. You will feel as if you are traveling with Hannah and her crew with all the dope pictures in her curation. 
For more on Hannah Faith, and her movement, be sure to follow her on Instagram and Soundcloud, and her personal site. 
Also, when you take some time to check out her Soundcloud mixes, write or tweet us and let us know which mix is your favorite.
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