Remembering To Take Time To Play As A Creative Entrepreneur

Everyone always talks about how happy they were when they were a child. Back in a time where you didn't have to worry about bills or finding your purpose, you were free to do whatever you wanted to do.

Recently, I've been trying to recapture that joy as I navigate my way through entrepreneurship. I feel like I've been so nervous, anxious and slightly depressed just because I feel like not much is certain in life when you are building in your 20s and 30s.

I was listening to a podcast episode of Shawn Stevenson's podcast, The Model Health Show and he talked about the fact that adults have forgotten the importance of "play". Nowadays, when people say things like "work hard, play hard" it usually equates to activities such as drinking and committing some level of debauchery in the early morning hours. The podcast episode, however, focused on the type of play that we did as children. 

Running around outside, getting dirt on our elbows, discovering new things and letting our minds wonder.

At first, the idea of incorporating "play" into my life sounded equal parts foolish and impossible. I had too much work to do as a creative entrepreneur who is literally creating my own career from the bottom up. How could I afford to do anything other than sit in a coffee shop with my laptop? 

Then one day, I decided to go on an adventure.
One thing that I kept promising myself that I was going to do was explore my hometown city now that I am an adult; however, I never found the time to get around to it. Another goal that I have been working on is incorporating regular exercise into my schedule, which can be frustrating as an entrepreneur.  Then, I came up with a pretty awesome idea:

Turn your workout into an adventure, like adult play time. Put on your comfy, stylish athleisure outfit, find a trail that goes through the city and go exploring whenever the moment hits you.

This is how I ended up on the roof of a parking deck in a city that I had previously only been able to look up at the skyscrapers. Now I was looking at them eye to eye early in the morning.
Althleisure wear has been my go to on days that I am creating for my business. Pieces like this Eleven by Venus Williams Black condition tee and these colorful prism print capris have become staples in my wardrobe for creative work days. The fact that I can easily go from running errands to throwing on a long cardigan and heading to a coffee shop to working out all in the same fast-drying clothes makes it easier to achieve my goals everyday.
Allowing yourself to play by turning your workout into an adventure around town is a great way for any creative entrepreneur to stay sane. 

Whether you work from home or at a coffee shop, you can start to feel like you don't have a life when you see the same environment everyday. I found this really fun trail in an up-and-coming, almost artsy area close to the downtown area in the city. It was surrounded by all of these cool little shops that I would have never known about if I hadn't decided to run through the area.
Usually when I go running in the gym or on the trail, I put in my headphones and listen to either a podcast or some music. This time, however, I actually allowed myself to be alone in my thoughts. 

I allowed myself to acknowledge and feel the stress that I was under, I gave myself a mental pep talk. I observed my cool foreign surroundings and I let my mind wonder like I used to in childhood.
If you are in need of some "play time" in your life as a creative entrepreneur (or really as an adult...because adulting is hard), here are some tips that I have for you:
  • Go alone on your first play time adventure. You need some time for reflection
  • Don't bring your headphones. Observe your surroundings.
  • Choose a trail or area with sidewalk that you have always wanted to explore
  • Dress in comfortable athleisure. You might end up stopping in and exploring a cool shop!

I found some pretty cool areas during my play time adventure including a few areas for future photo shoots, new knickknack shops, and even a cool brewery. The brewery was actually hosting an impromptu yoga session on their back lawn, so it would be cool to see if your sitting has any pop-up workout groups that could be a source of adventure. 

Photography: Joshua Aurelius Galloway

When is the last time you took some time out to play as an adult?

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