Quirky Creatives To Follow This Week: Edition Four

Every creative entrepreneur needs a little bit of inspiration.

One important lesson that I've learned from being a quirky creative is how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. It is also important to support other creative entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Therefore, Quirky, Brown Love has curated a short list of quirky creatives that we definitely think you should know about.

These entrepreneurs have taken the leap of faith and are reaching further to own their purpose in life in their own creative ways. Check them out!

1. Marissa Kendrick


Founder and CEO of Deleay Lashay created a jewelry line or wearable art, as she calls them that are crafted with a specific meaning and story. These stories are meant to encourage and to evoke a positive message.

Website: DeleayLashay.com
Instagram: @DeleayLashay

2. Keyla and Keyonna Davis

These two sisters  have taken the haircare supply industry by storm! They opened their store KD hair supply at  the ages of 19 and 21 years old in Moreno County, California. They were inspired to create KD hair supply due to their frustration with finding jobs. Their mother encouraged them to create their own business and the rest is history. The products sold in their store include shampoos, conditioners, as well as hair extensions and other natural hair products.
Website: KD Hair Supply
Instagram: @kdhairsupplyllc

3. Patrick Carroll


This young business owner created his shop Armada Skateboard Shop in North Carolina to  support his fellow skateboard lovers who are in his community.The items that are sold in his shop include skateboard, shirts, jackets, shoes and longboards.
Facebook: Armada Skate

4  Enitan and Tosin
Enitan and Tosin are the founders of OT & O Home Interiors which sels African-inspired home decor. Their love for African art inspired their creation that is now OT & O Home Interiors. OT & O Home Interiors provides rugs, wall art, and cushions that are bold, creative, and embrace African culture.

5. Veronica Marché
Veronica Marche’ is an illustrator who is from Philadelphia that has created beautiful unique artwork for different companies including T.J. Maxx, Shea Moisture, and Essence Magazine. Her designs include diverse characters of color that have spunk and personality. Veronica also provides services such as live sketching and teaches classes and workshops on design.
Website: Veronica Marche’


Who are your favorite quirky creatives?

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