Quirky, Creatives To Follow This Week: Edition Three

Every creative entrepreneur needs a little bit of inspiration.

One important lesson that I've learned from being a quirky creative is how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. It is also important to support other creative entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Therefore, Quirky, Brown Love has curated a short list of quirky creatives that we definitely think you should know about.

These entrepreneurs have taken the leap of faith and are reaching further to own their purpose in life in their own creative ways. Check them out!

1. Yelitsa Jean-Charles
Photo Credit: YFS Magazine

Yelitsa Jean-Charles founder of the toy company Healthy Roots, is an art student at Rhode Island School of Design who designed a series of dolls that represent girls of color. These dolls were made to help little girls and their mothers embrace and learn how to care for their natural hair who’s hair vary from the kinky texture to curly and to give girls an opportunity to see dolls that look like them.  In addition to creating the natural hair dolls, storybooks are also included in the company these storybooks also represent girls of color.

2.  Brandon Byrd

Photo Credit: Jonnita Condra

Brandon Byrd, is the founder of Goodies, Frozen Custards, inspired by the 1950’s Byrd owns a  food truck that serves several different delicious treats. Byrd wears all hats in his company with minimal help from anyone.Though he is a small business owner, his truck has gotten a lot of buzz from his customers who are well-pleased as well as Food Network by being featured in their top 5 restaurants.
Instagram: @mmmgoodies

3. Courtney Saunders
Untitled design-8.png
Photo Credit: Woman’s Worth

The Founder of Think and Grow Chick empowers women to get their lives in order! She gives tips on becoming an entrepreneur, natural hair care, and how to get your life back on track. She’s persevered through almost failing college to now owning her own business and helping others to do the same. She will become your new shero when you check her website out!

4. Marco Hansell
Photo Credit: Insta Summit

The CEO of SPEAKR, created a social influence platform that connects businesses with advertisements that will help them gain more followers to their company. This company specializes in marketing and advertising and has the ability to raise a business’ following and to bring in more customers.
Website: Speakr

5. Ashlie Davis
Photo Credit: Tech Co

Founder of Smash Shoes, designed a shoe line for women who wear extended shoe sizes. Most women who wear these size shoes struggle to find shoes that are stylish and pretty, Ashlie Davis solved this problem and raises awareness on the difficulties women who wear extended shoe sizes deal with when finding the perfect shoe for their outfit. With Ashlie Davis’ shoes women who wear the shoe sizes 10 and up can walk in style and grace.
Website: Smash Shoes
Instagram: @smashshoes

Who are your favorite quirky creatives?

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