Pretty, Brown & Nerdy Moments Chapter 4: The Comic Favorites Edition

Welcome back to Pretty, Brown & Nerdy Moments Chapter 4. It's time to get down and blerdy.
Jazmine, Cheyenne and Camille are slaying the YouTube interwebs with a Tessaiga katana and don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Their channel is my go-to spot for quirky, fun and nerdy entertainment online.

I had the chance to interview these ladies back in the day and am so excited to collaborate with them to bring you weekly Pretty Brown & Nerdy Moments.
Chapter 4: Favorite Comics
Are you new to the comic world and trying to figure out what comic books to start off with? Or maybe you are an avid comic reader that is looking towards adding to your collection. Either way, this is a must watch. The ladies over at Pretty Brown & Nerdy have some great suggestions for comic book reads.
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