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Flashback October 2015 … I was sitting in a cubicle living the life I thought I always wanted: successful career woman of color, on a mission to educate and inspire.

Just the year before, I was the “old” intern with one year of post-undergrad under my belt and an 8 month-old son in tow. Being a young mother did not stop me from working my tail off and turning that internship into a full-time social media account coordinator opportunity. This was my first big career move and I no longer had to worry about how my two retail jobs would pay for rent, food, gas and expenses for my son. I was set, comfortable and relatively happy.

Once 2015 rolled in, I knew it was time for a change. Sitting in a cubicle was just not my thing. I was the kid who told my mom, “I don’t want to work in an office. I want to be free and travel the world.” As naive as I THOUGHT I was, little me had a great point: Why wait for an opportunity, when I am fully able and capable of creating my own lane for success?

At that moment,, it was either fight-or-flight. So, my family and I packed up a U-Haul and made the trek from North Carolina to Texas. This was the defining moment in my life. After spending 20+ hours on the road, I was tired … but finally, HOPEFUL; a feeling that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I knew that my family and I were making the right decision.

It’s crazy how a fresh move can inspire you do to some of the most amazing things.

While on this mission, I have been able to build a brand not only focused on how to use social media as a launching pad for online brands, but Chakayla J. Taylor Online has morphed into an empowerment brand for female entrepreneurs on a mission to spread positive light, while slaying their brands. And it was through this mission that my QUEEN recognize QUEEN movement was born.
Queen Recognize Queen Movement
I can’t remember the first time I was called QUEEN, but I do remember how it made it feel. It inspired me to always be soulful and purposeful, no matter if it made others feel uncomfortable.
Through that feeling of purposeful independence, I soon began to return the favor by calling other women of color, black women in particular, QUEEN.

I wanted to spread this sentiment across the internet, because I wanted to let these women know that I was always in their corner whenever they needed me. Chile, I’m always an email or text away! It’s so important to me that I cultivate relationships that matter. So queens, if you are reading this, I see you, I feel your motivation and I know that YOU are destined for greatness.
Chakayla on Personal Growth + Independence
I’ve been on my own since I was 20 years old, that’s five years of personal growth that happened on my own, of course with some divine intervention from the man above and my personal network of friends and family. When I reflect on my adulthood, it hasn’t been the easiest journey to embark on, but it’s been so worth the ride. It’s crazy, sometimes I wake up and I tell myself, “If not YOU, then who?”
Chakayla on Entrepreneurship
For my fellow queens on a mission to monetize their brands and become entrepreneurs,  I want to inspire you to research your potential market and niche. Research, passion and humility are the things that have kept me focused while continuing to build and expand my business.

I am blessed to have a network of girl bosses that I can confide in and trust.

If you do not remember anything from this post, always remember that entrepreneurship requires risk and GRIT. When you have faith, there is nothing that you CAN’T do!
Chakayla on Motherhood
Becoming a mother was the best thing to ever happen to me. It is my divine purpose to cultivate life, so it has been such an honor to bear such a handsome, intelligent and encouraging soul like my son. If he only knew how thankful I am for him. When I look into his eyes, it lights the fire under my feet to create something amazing.

Don’t be shy! Meet Chakayla over on Chakayla J. Taylor Online or on Instagram.

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