Maki Darko and the Beauty of Being Whoever You Want to Be

by Keila Dumas
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Who says that October is the only time that we can dress up as any character we feel like? 
As Black Cosplay surfaces to the mainstream, we are glad to have awesome vloggers like Maki Darko who show us that we can be as quirky as we want to be, no matter the season. Not only does she give awesome looks on her Instagram, but her YouTube channel also gives us some great versatile wig reviews and tutorials. 

Her fearless expression of art and makeup skills are perfect for us beauty quirks who are always down to try a new look or technique. She recently posted on IG “just a friendly awkward person who’s good @ makeup w/ anxiety and depression,”  and my first thought after reading that was “Hey! Me too!” 

Seeing that made her page ten times more welcoming and organic. So, now it is time for me to share some of my favorite looks and videos by Maki! 

1. On Wednesday’s We Wear... Wednesday
2. Lightning Inspired Look
3. My personal fave...because, perfect.

Check out some of our favorite videos from Maki Darko below:

Sailor Moon Inspired Look

Wow African Wig Review ( Wig seen above)

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