How To Use Summer Statement Pieces To Dress Up Your Fall Bohemian Style

I wouldn't consider myself a flashy person. Most days, I like to fade into the background as a listen to a podcast in my headphones; however, some days I like to stand out and be seen.

Finding my style has been somewhat of an experiment. I was never really that girl that was the best dressed in high school and I never tried wearing heels to class in college; not even on the first week. I've always been a bit of a tomboy; the climbing trees and longboard riding type of tomboy (you guys can keep the bugs and video games). 

 As I grew out of my tomboy-ish ways, adopting a bohemian type of style only seemed natural. 
When I first started experimenting with the bohemian look, I honestly don't think that I pulled it off right. I looked like a straight hippy out of the 70's, with oversize clothes that made me stand out...but not in such a good way. 

Now that I am a blogger, I've been looking for ways to dress up my bohemian style, especially since I attend a lot of press events. 

I'm already a pretty introverted person, so wearing bland clothing would make me even more of a wallflower. The only problem is that I am a person that values her comfort a little too much. Rarely will you see me at a club and you will definitely not catch me there in stilettos or a little tight dress in the middle of winter. I just won't do it. No ma'am. Therefore, whenever I run across an eclectic or unique article of clothing that can mix in easily with one of my go-to outfits, it's a match made in heaven.
I've been building a business relationship with fashion designer, Aasiyah Abdulsalam of AleroJasmine and she offered to make one of her Aqua Embroidered Bralets special for me. Each bralet is handmade so they are all slightly unique which is something that I absolutely love. 

As soon as I saw the piece, I knew that it was one of a kind and would truly help me make a statement anywhere that I wore it.

Recently, I've been pairing the piece with my navy corduroy overalls and with Fall basically happening overnight in my state of North Carolina, I have been paring it with a dark cardigan for the cool nights.
The piece has been a real conversation starter. The intricate bead and lace combination reminds me of apparel that I've seen in Indian culture. As a result of this, I've been asked about my travels and even my ethnic makeup. It definitely causes for interesting conversation, but it's cool to interact with random people through the day. Though, I only wear the piece when I'm in the mood for being social or feel like standing out. You really can't help but stand out in a piece like this.
So I know that a few of you reading this post are probably looking at this piece and wondering how comfortable it is for well, um...the girls. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bralet is insulated with a plush, warm material. As I'm naturally a cold-nature person, this definitely helped me out.
Wearing this piece definitely has my brain spinning on how I can incorporate more statement pieces into my Fall bohemian style. 

Layering comfy cardigans, knee-high socks and boots over some of my favorite Summer statement pieces has definitely been helping me get creative with the small, minimalist wardrobe that I have.
How are you dressing up your bohemian style this Fall?

*So thankful for Aasiyah of AleroJasmine for sending me this beautifully handmade piece. Also thank you to my readers for supporting this woman-owned, Black-owned UK based business that I absolutely adore!

Make sure to check out AleroJasmine for all of your statement piece needs. 

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