Creative Theory: Setting The Standard For Visual Content

by Robina Mekenye
Allow me to introduce Gary Williams and Tamon George, founders of the revolutionary Creative Theory. This dynamic duo has used their leverage to take storytelling to an all new high by incorporating the power of visuals and content creation into the ultimate story strategy.

Their full service content marketing firm creates a bond between the consumer and the brand, allowing the consumer to feel immersed in a brand that represents them and what they stand for.

Gary Wiliams (right) and Tamon George (left)
Gary has worked and traveled the world as a professional photographer for close to ten years. His voyage as a photographer has also given him the opportunity to work all over Africa, the United States and Serengtei. In addition to being an amazing photographer, he has also made huge contributions by aiding some of the most notable brands in the country as a campaign catalyst.

Tamon has worked as digital strategist and analyst for more than five years and has also completed his MBA with an emphasis and digital strategy. The fellow Canadian has also worked as a photographer, while also working with many notable brands as a social media campaign strategist.

“We are visual content creators, who build innovative campaigns and social strategies.”

The dynamic duo has worked with brands both large and small, such as H&M, The Washington Post, GQ, and Reebok to name a few, to develop a known presence on social media, which is amazing! Because lets face it: If it ain’t on social media these days, it ain’t happening.’ Most companies nowadays are relying on social media to create a relationship with potential consumers, which helps many people develop brand loyalty.

“Never before has it been so important to own your your visual voice.”

And there’s no denying that. These mood boards are EVERYTHING...literally.
Nothing can take away from the power of visuals and how much it can help consumers connect to the brand’s overall message. Every consumer wants a brand that represents who they are. Creative Theory helps to build the gap between every that company and the consumer by touching on real, genuine human connection.

Check out Creative Theory's incredible work at on their website. While you’re at it, peep Gary Williams and Tamon George on Instagram.

Gary Williams - IG @masterwilliams
Tamon George -IG @ tamon_
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