ColoredContent: A Free Streaming Platform For Black Webseries

"I grew up watching TV shows like 'Martin', 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', “Family Matters”, and 'A Different World'. Between now and the 90’s something has changed and Black media has been further marginalized".

These Black TV shows inspired my generation and I wanted to build something that did the same” said Victoria Coker the founder of media site ColoredContent. ColoredContent is a video streaming site that highlights Black web series. All the series are created by Black media makers.
The platform was created to share Black narratives and empower the Black community.
Victoria found inspiration for the platform from a number of places. From a young age she wanted to be an entrepreneur and always had an idea. It wasn’t until she started working at an ad tech company that the thought arose to start a technology business. For years, she had a number of ideas but nothing panned out.
After cutting off her cable she soon realized that there was no easy way to access Black TV shows online.
She discovered that all the content by Black media makers were all on disparate places. So she decided to create the hub for Black web series, ColoredContent. “On platforms like Hulu there is representation for Latinos and Asians but none for Black people.

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Now more than ever we need to see images of positive Black role models in media. It’s important that we see people that look like us.” Victoria explained.
ColoredContent standouts because it is building a community around media makers of color. The platform features exclusive interviews with the creators, actors, producers and directors. It gives a behind the scenes perspective to viewers.
“I am passionate about inspiring the Black community. Black people need to see that we can do anything.
"On my site the creators of the web series give tips, speak on their inspiration, and talk about how they overcome obstacles. Anyone can be the next Ava DuVernay, Spike Lee, Lee Daniels, or Shonda Rhimes. Nothing is impossible.” explained Ms. Coker.
The site currently features over thirty web series all created by Black media makers.  
Some of the series are award winning, others are connected to big name talent. The hub curates series about different topics including love, coming of age, and super powers.
One of the cool series on the site is “Boost”, a sci-fi action series that resembles “Heroes”. If you’re into drama the site has series like “The Rules of Messin Around” a series about love and infidelity. Need some romance? You can watch “Smoke and Mirrors” a romantic comedy about heartbreak and finding new love. ColoredContent has something for everyone.
ColoredContent is accessible to anyone with the internet connection. That means you can access the site on phone, a laptop, or smart TV. Unlike Netflix or Hulu the site is free to access. Victoria plans to continue to grow the platform and hopes to make it the next big streaming site.

To learn more about the web series and know what’s new on the ColoredContent sign-up for their newsletter.  If you’re a media maker interested in submitting your series to the platform email
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