8 Lessons That FLOTUS Has Taught Us About Relationships These Past 8 Years

by Susan Caleb
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For almost eight years, First Lady Michelle Obama’s sophistication, beauty, intellect, consciousness, and overall down to earth nature has given melanated women all over the globe something to aspire to. But her relationship with POTUS is the thing that gives us life!
We have learned so many things just by watching FLOTUS. Here are a few things she taught us about relationships:

Sometimes you have to take one for the team.
Relationships are all about give and take. He may have that one friend that drives you crazy, but making a relationship work means making an effort to get along with the people that matter to person you are dating.
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Flirting is always a good idea.
Whether you’ve been together for two weeks, or two years, flirting should always be in the equation. Not only is it a fun thing to do, it’s also a good way to stay connected as a couple.

Being a couple doesn’t mean you lose your individuality.  
Although the First Lady does a great job standing by President Obama’s side, she never stopped being Michelle Obama: education and health advocate, fitness junkie, and one of the dopest MC’s to ever rock the carpool mike.

Be classy, but always have your side-eye handy.
If FLOTUS taught us nothing else, she taught us how to be classy. She also taught us how to keep that side-eye in our pockets...just in case.  Because there’s Always. That. One. Chick…
Always make sure your partner looks his best.
Whether you’re straightening his tie, making sure his clothes match, or even doing a quick nose check—making sure your man is on point is important! Why? Because you care, AND because he is a reflection of you. Don’t ever leave him hanging. Be flawless together!
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It’s ok to switch things up on him every once in a while.
Once you’ve been dating a while, it’s easy to get so comfortable in your relationship that you stop doing the little things you did when you first started. We learned from FLOTUS that switching it up from time to time will make him swoon all over again!
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Know when to be his girlfriend and when to be his homegirl.
There’s a time for cuddling, holding hands, and smooching. Then there’s a time for trash talk, laughing, playing pranks, and arguing over whose dance move are better.  

Be his number one fan.
When you’re in a relationship, you work as a team. The goal is to be great together. When he wins, you win (and vice versa). And if anyone is cheering him on, it should be you—and your voice should be the loudest.
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Cheers to the best couple in office our generation has seen! Make sure to support the movie about their love story, Southside With You.

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