Solange Wants To Make Sure That We Have A Seat At The Table (#SolangeAlbumTakeover)

Solange had made every quirky and carefree black girl in America happy by releasing her latest album, A Seat At The Table.

The first glimpse that I caught of a new Solange album was when I found a link to that had a sign up form with no further explanation. No further explanation was needed; I was signing up for whatever Solange was offering. Immediately after signing up, I feverishly clicked over to my email account awaiting whatever deliverable would be sit. Refresh. Refresh.

In my inbox awaited a simple email with the subject, "Have a seat......."

I didn't know what to think. In our culture now, telling someone to "have a seat" is a pejorative way to tell them to stop explaining themselves. When I opened the email, I was greeted with the following message:

solange journal edition 1 

i'm going look for my body yeah 

i'll be back real soon...

A few days later, I received a track list and a short description of the album

a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief and healing.

After listening to the album, it all makes since. You know what Solange, I will have a seat.

Solange telling me to have a seat means that I can stop explaining myself. That Black people can stop explaining ourselves. We should no longer have to explain why we deserve a seat at the table and why we belong. We have so much power that we can make our own tables.

In the words of Solange, Kelly Rowland & Nia Andrews, "I got so much magic, you can have it."

Are you ready to get lifted. Listen to A Seat At The Table (also on Spotify) and join us on Twitter at #SolangeAlbumTakeover.

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