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As women, we are always looking for the right words, the right thoughts, the right friends to vent to and get advice from.

Those resources are there, online, on magazine stands, in person, anywhere you can think to look, you can find at least one. However, as women of color, the subject of relatability often leaves us with many unanswered questions and not enough time to fully explain that although something is for women, it isn't always for “us.” Us being women, and women of color. The need for diversity within a platform is crucial. simonedigitalquote.png

This brings us to Simone Digital. An online home for all things life that cater to our melanin souls. Lots of unfiltered informational articles for women that keep us in the know and in the now. If you have been a long time follower, you probably remember K is for Kinky before being introduced to what (who) we now know as Simone.

“Real voices. Real beauty. Real women.” is the brief summary that you can find on their Facebook.

Their Instagram is full of bright and vibrant pictures of women, that lead your back to the website wanting to see more. Countless articles with information and editorials with relatable experiences show us why Simone Digital is indeed a place for us, by us. With the diversified writers and personalities, every woman (and even some men) can relate to something that they find!
Here is a List of my Favorite Articles so far:

Although the Simone Digital site has not recently been updated, there are still some true gems on the site! Spend time with Simone Digital  and share some of your fave reads with us at QBL and your friends!

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