Sevi Ware Is Our Quirky, Southern Sweetheart

by Keila Dumas
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Sevi Ware is our new best friend and she doesn’t even know it yet.

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With her blog Ware is the Vodka, she gives readers a candid glimpse into her life as a woman, wife, and blogger with a side of southern charm and spirits...literally. She lets us know that she is working on the art of drinking vodka straight. Because let’s be real, we all love a good cocktail every once in awhile to help the crazy things in life make sense.

I spent some time getting to know Sevi through her blog this past weekend, and I was really given a treat. Her site is very welcoming, easy to navigate, and has lots of relatable topics to read about. Thinking about visiting or moving to Dallas? Let Sevi be your tour guide! Ware is the Vodka is the perfect read for Southern Belle’s and Beaus.

So why is she our new best friend, you ask? Because she feels us.

She feels us on politics.
“I’m coming to realize that I’m going to have to put my vote in the corner that’s best for me as a black woman in America.” - We’re Ok Here
She feels us on friendships.
“ You should both be able to celebrate, support, and push each other to be better people in every aspect of your lives.” - Valuing Friendships, Understanding the Reach of your Best People
She feels us on Frank.
“My emotions cannot deal with these games you are playing with my heart.” -Dear Frank Ocean, We Need to Talk

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Luckily, we can all celebrate the release of Blond(e) together and jam in unison. Sevi is also active on other social media platforms so reach out to her and let her know that Ware is the Vodka is Quirky approved!

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Make sure to follow Sevi on Instagram and to follow her blog, Ware Is The Vodka.

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