Rapper T.I. Flips The Script On Police Brutality With His Music Video

One thing that recent police brutality has shown me is how quick people are to blame the victim instead of the system.

With the recent fatal shooting in my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, many people have been forced to decide which side of the matter of police brutality they stand on. Rapper, T.I. makes it clear that he is tired of the "war zone" that America has become (or has always been). Many non-Black people are starting to realize that police brutality is a problem in America, especially against brown and Black people; however, there is still a select group that try to blame the victim in every circumstance.

T.I.'s newest music video flips the script on police brutality by challenging White Americans to see what Black Americans have been experiencing for centuries in America.

What are your thoughts on T.I.'s music video, "War zone"? Where do you stand on police brutality?

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