Quirky Creatives To Follow This Week: Edition Two

Every creative entrepreneur needs a little bit of inspiration.

One important lesson that I've learned from being a quirky creative is how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. It is also important to support other creative entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Therefore, Quirky, Brown Love has curated a short list of quirky creatives that we definitely think you should know about.

These entrepreneurs have taken the leap of faith and are reaching further to own their purpose in life in their own creative ways. Check them out!

1. Minna Salami
Photo Credit: Ms. Afropolitan
“Girl power!” Is a phrase that comes to mind when speaking of writer,blogger,and social activist Minna Salami. Her blog MsAfropolitan discusses African American culture including topics such as equality for African American women and politics.
Blog: http://www.msafropolitan.com/                                                  
Instagram: @MsAfropolitan

2. Propaganda
Photo Credit: Relevant Magazine
A spoken word artist draws his inspiration from his faith. Using his unique ability to lace together words, he has managed to elevate his career and to inspire others to improve their spiritual journey.  On top of being an excellent poet, he is the founder of Left Roasters a collective community of creative geniuses who love coffee.  This community rallies together and stirs up their creativity to ensure coffee drinkers a healthy dose of awesomeness (and by awesomeness, I mean coffee).
Instagram and Twitter: @prophiphop  @Leftroasters

3. Luvvie

Photo Credit: NAACP Author Pavilion    
Gotta love the picture right? This is Luvvie. She has a humorous blog that I’m certain will brighten your day! At first sight of her blog, you become fully aware of her outgoing and funny personality it’s evidently displayed all over her website and we love it! She writes about everything from celebrity news to fashion. In addition to being a blogger she is also a gifted speaker and author. She’s also had the pleasure of speaking at the White house.
Instagram: @luvvie

4. Jana Harris
Janna Harris, is the founder of Barre in your Bedroom. Barre in your Bedroom is a workout regimen that’s convenient for the modern day working woman. This workout consists of online barre instructional videos that can be done in your home. She also writes a blog on her website

5. Alexandra Elle

Photo Credit: She’s Vintage  
This author, poet, wife, and mother wrote the novels Words from a Wanderer and Love in My Language. Words from a Wanderer is a elegantly written book consisting of poems and notes. This book was also created in a reversion filled with daily affirmations entitled Words from a Wanderer: 60 days of self-affirming notes. Love in My Language is an autobiography of sorts, this novel gives readers an inside look into the heart and journey of Alexandra Elle as well as her epically beautiful poetry.
Website: Alexelle.com
Instagram: @alex_elle

Who are your favorite quirky creatives?

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