Quirky Black Guys: Our Favorites From Afropunk

Afropunk Brooklyn 2016 was beyond words. I think that we can all agree.

This year, I connected with New York photographer and blogger (and virtual-turned-real life homie homes), Michelene J to help capture the essence of this humankind-faith-restoring festival. This is definitely a weekend that every attendee will want to savor all year round. When I talked to her about what types of photos that I wanted, all that I could imagine were moments that could be frozen in time. What she delivered, however, was, human essence.

My favorite subject type that she captured were some of the quirky, Black guys that expressed themselves during the festival. 

Where else can a Black man where pink, tribal print, burn sage and rock a flower crown without being judged by those in his surrounds? Not only were they not judged, but they were encouraged.

Below are a few pictures of our favorite quirky, Black guys from Afropunk Brooklyn 2016:

*All photos by Michelene Wilkerson. Please help us tag these quirky, Black guys my leaving their handles in the comments.

Did you enjoy Afropunk Brooklyn 2016?

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