Pretty, Brown & Nerdy Moments Chapter 1: A Reintroduction

The chances of you knowing Pretty Brown & Nerdy are high, especially if you are in love with all things blerdy (black/brown and nerdy).

Jazmine, Cheyenne and Camille are slaying the YouTube interwebs with a Tessaiga katana and don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Their channel is my go-to spot for quirky, fun and nerdy entertainment online.

I had the chance to interview these ladies back in the day and am so excited to collaborate with them to bring you weekly Pretty Brown & Nerdy Moments.

Chapter 1: A Reintroduction
About Pretty Brown & Nerdy
Pretty Brown & Nerdy reflects who we are! The three of us decided to come together to create the content we wanted to see, there aren’t that many black girl nerds out there making youtube videos so why not change that? Our channel focuses on all things nerdy, tv shows, cosplay, movies, comics, anime, gaming and more!

Pretty Brown and Nerdy is fun, quirky, and a place for us to talk about everything we love in nerd culture. It's a place for other PoC and Blerds alike.

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