Ada Of "No Ordinary She" Is An Eclectic Style Maven

by Meagan Faison
Tribal prints, plaids and stilettos...oh my!
Whether getting ready to bring in a new season or putting her own twist on the latest trend, Ada of is creating fashion combinations that are classically-contemporary, modestly-chic and of course... far from the ordinary.
Introducing Ada
Ada is the creative mind behind the NoOrdinaryShe fashion blog. Sparkling with black girl magic, this law degree-toting, UK fashionista has a style that is simply mystifying.

“I’m a law graduate currently working as an accountant… yikes!!! Too much going on in my head! Fashion will always be my first love though.”

Ada on taking her pleasure seriously...
“Noordinaryshe is here to help me formally document looks that I create, otherwise known as ‘taking my pleasure seriously’ and also to inspire every one of you on everyday styling, fashion trend, beauty and shopping tips and how to maximise your wardrobe collection.”
“I get my inspiration from everywhere, when walking on the streets, social media, apps like Pinterest, magazines, TV ads… like I said, everywhere.”
As if putting these eye-catching looks together isn’t enough, Ada also does all of her own photography for her blog and social media.

Ada on camera time
“It’s all me except otherwise stated. I use my Remote control to trigger my Cam Shutter… Cool stuff! It can be quite daunting though running back and forth but totally worth it.”
While Ada’s snapshots seem like they could come from an issue of Vogue, she says she tries to put outfits together without breaking the bank. Her biggest tip for fellow fashion enthusiasts: Embrace the sale rack!

Ada on cost-effective slayage
“I would have to confess at this point that I love bargains and do most of my shopping when prices are a bit friendlier… My secret to having many clothes!”

“Shop more during sales, that way you get more without having to go broke trying to look good.
“Every journey begins with a step, if you never give it a go, you'll never know how far you could have gone.

Keep up with Ada’s ever-evolving style on Instagram @StyleByAda and Twitter @NoOrdinaryShe!

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