Erykah Badu Shares With Us A Simple Mantra On How To Achieve Each And Every Dream

"I am Erykah Badu, also known as @FatBellyBella, also known as Mcquela Maria Mexico, also known as Medulla Oblongata, also known as Low Down Loretta Brown." A healer to many, I knew I was in the presence of a queen.

I'm not one that is too big into the spiritual world. I have a healthy amount of knowledge about it as a Christian; however, there is no mistaking Erykah Badu's energy. After almost two decades in the mainstream musical scene, Badu remains the leader of her own mystical tribe and compels anyone in her presence to investigate their being further.

Being the renowned figure that she currently is, I've always wonder how Badu achieved her dreams. How did Erica Abi Wright become Erykah Badu? Did she ever have moments of doubt? Was there ever a plan B? These sound like ridiculous questions at first until you realize that she was brought up in a normal life during the 70s to a single mother in Dallas, Texas. Or that her first album was released in 1997, a whole 3 years after she first opened for D'Angelo in 1994.
Badu on Realizing Your Passions
"Remember spelling is a spell, If you want it, write it. Our ancestors taught us that. They wrote it on the wall. Whatever you want, write it down, remember that."

Vibing with the queen of neo-soul was one of the biggest highlights of cover this year's Hopscotch Festival. If you are ever so lucky as to be in this woman's presence, do not take it for granted.

When was the last time that you wrote your dreams down?

Photography: Joshua Aurelius Galloway

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