Entrepreneurial Couple, Amiri and Yayha Teach Us How To Live An "Nspiyahd" Life

by Susan Caleb
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Meet the adorable couple who will give you all of the feels, and remind you that wholesome black families still exist. Amiri and Yayha, the couple behind The NSPIYAHD Life, run a business that uses nature to promote the spiritual, mental, and physical healing of the Black family.
The couple who owns three city lots, grows their own produce which is then sold to neighbors and local restaurants. They also donate quite a bit of their harvest to single mothers, families who have incarcerated loved ones, and families affected by police brutality.
Why They Chose To Garden
“We learn through the garden what true wealth is. You invest a dollar, you might get one back. You plant a seed, and in that seed you reap enough to feed your community”
Yahya on Dating Amiri
There was really no dating phase for us. We went from being good friends to “if you’re not trying to marry me, then leave me alone…”
Amiri and Yahya on Love and Business
Yahya: I’ve learned that when you’re working together, it’s ok to let go of the reigns a bit. Allow the man to be the man. There is power in our femininity and womanhood that men don’t have, but we can tap into it and use it to make the man better, and impact our community.

Amiri: One thing Yayha taught me to do is go and get whatever it is you want. And whatever decision you make, be sure about it. Stick with it.
Yahya’s Advice on Balancing Business and Womanhood
“As a woman, married or single, kids or no kids your work is never done. Always take care of yourself. Take time out consistently to put yourself on the top of the priority list. I’ve learned, that if I’m not at my best—if I’m not full, no one else will be.”
The Couple On Facing Disappointments
“Our first business became really successful, so we decided to buy a food truck, and ended up getting scammed out of all our money. We were upset and disappointed at first.  But as an entrepreneur, you have to be resilient. We gave ourselves time to deal with our emotions, and then picked ourselves up and strategized. Through that disappointment came an even greater vision, The NSPIYAHD Life.”
Advice on Relationships and Keeping The Love Alive
“We’ve been married for five years, and things are not always love and romance, but you have to keep the commitment you made to each other. Things will fall apart at times, but don’t focus on the falling apart. Stay committed, and it will all come together again.”
If They Could Describe Each Other In A Few Words
Yahya: Hmmm…Amiri is serious, funny, and upright.

Amiri: Wait? Words, not paragraphs right? Okay, I have five then. Yahya is magnificent, loving, intense, caring, and awesome.

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*To observe the Sabbath, The NSPIYAHD Life closes from Sundown Friday until Sundown Sunday.

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