Give Me Flowers: A Spotlight On Brandon Stanciell

by Robina Mekenye

Because who can really resist flowers? Brandon Stanciell sure can’t.

The amazing photographer who is based out of Los Angeles is turning heads with his beautiful artwork using you guessed it… flowers. His work has been featured in Huffington Post, Polite Society Magazine, Croco Magazine, and Pilerats Magazine to name a few.

How can something so simple be the muse of photography you ask? Well, just go ahead and take a look.

On Choosing Flowers As His Medium
“The flowers help communicate a more calm setting and their bright colors bring the viewers attention to the subject. Allowing the viewer to feel things like sensitivity and peacefulness. Words not commonly associated with black men.”

 By making flowers the centerpiece of his work, Brandon Stanciell is defying all stereotypes about black men portrayed in the media. Black men who are viewed as inferior and even violent. The concept for his exhibition “The Boys Who Loved Flowers” is geared to getting rid of those lies they tell. To show the world that black men can be both vulnerable and sensitive. To show the media that black men aren’t aggressive creatures like they are constantly portrayed in mainstream media. 

For more of Brandon’s amazing work, check out his website. You can also catch him on Twitter making moves. 

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