These Modern Minimalists Are Making The Most Of Life

by Meagan Faison
I’ve noticed a lot of millennials are on a new wave of thinking and living recently. Our thoughts are deeper and more complex; we’re traveling often and opening ourselves to new experiences and lifestyles.

One of those lifestyle choices is minimalism, and it could be easier than you think. I don’t think minimalistic thinking is a new concept….I’m picturing those hippies in the 70’s who traveled around with all their possessions in those colorful vans.

But wait minimalism...that means I have to give all my stuff away right?

No. Well you can, but it’s not a requirement. Minimalism is all about making more with less. Not necessarily depriving yourself of material things, but instead just deciding what is important TO YOU and what is extra. There are definitely many advantages for gaining a minimalist mentality like having more space (obviously), saving money, making traveling easier and even just helping gain a more simplistic and clearer perspective on life.

Here are a few minimalistic mavens who make it look easy:

1. Dawn Michelle of MinimalistBeauty
Black Minimalist
“While society has us believing that we need more things and status to create true bliss in our lives, simple living has taught me something completely different.”

Sadiya Marie on Youtube
Black Minimalist

3.Yoko on Instagram

Black Minimalist

4.Nneka M. Okona of AfrosyPaella
Black Minimalist

5. Alex Elle of Another Sunday
Black Minimalist

6. Rosetta of TheHappyBlackWoman
Black Minimalist
“Honestly, as long as I have a laptop, a few outfits and a couple pair of shoes, I’m good to go. Living this way means that I’m always ready for my next big move – or at least my next travel destination!”

7.Biareal_ on Instagram

8.Yolanda V Acree of YolandaVacree
Black Minimalist
“I took a nose dive into minimalism. I gave up my lease, got rid of 90% of my stuff, + quit my full-time job within four months. That escalated quickly.”

9. RyMingTahn on Youtube
Black Minimalist

10. Fran of HeyFranHey

11. Charmaine of HelloCharmaine  
Black Minimalist
“When you become a minimalist you decide that you are going to actively commit to living a simple, uncluttered and essential life. You no longer are a slave to your ‘stuff.’”

12. Asiah of TheLemLove on Youtube
Black Minimalist

13. Kara of TheFrugalFeminista

Any other minimalist experts we should know about??

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