Whitney Mitchell Is Capturing Spirits Of A Carefree World

A visual artist has truly mastered her craft when she can make the world slow down to take a second look and ponder the canvas in front of it.

When Whitney Mitchell, the creative soul behind TwoMacks, decided to make the Black Magic capital that is New Orleans her muse, the world opened its heart to her. She painted the city in the richest pastel colors and crafted dream-like visuals using black creatives as her muse.

TwoMacks has received national attention from brands including, Shea Moisture, Essence, Blavity, Reebok and National Parks Foundation.
About Whitney
"I'm a Staten Islander living in New Orleans creating visual marketing content while exploring the stories that define consumer audiences. 

What that means is... well... I pay attention.

I enjoy wrinkles, corn, trilogies and when people mouth 'I love you' to steamy servings of food. I am the last of 8 children (7 women and 1 guy (I know,)) which means I'm awesome at relationship management and a glutton for structure. "
On Creating For Our Generation
"The greatest joy in creating visual imagery is the ability to influence someone to pay attention. We’re moving so fast now. We obtain information and move on to new subjects or new gossip within 30 seconds. Somehow there’s been a shift in consumer culture and many people want to see the information they’ve spent the time to click on or scroll past with an image. People want that image to tell the story."
On Defining Her Craft
"As I was finding myself as a creative, I was never comfortable with limiting my reach with a definitive title. I went through so many combinations of words and singular nouns to find where I was supposed to fit. I enjoy how colors melt together in a painting, I swoon at any ability to feel texture through stills and I’m visually stimulated by minimalism and constructed angles. 

I knew with my appreciation and curiosity that I would try to produce these things by way of multiple visual avenues. I paint, I create with words and I create moments with stills, all for eyes to see and minds to feel. All photographers are visual artists. The term, for me, is a reminder of all the elements I want to pull into a moment. I hope that one day the realities of photo artistry are not limited to words or questions or nice cameras."

Follow all of the amazing things that Whitney is doing on Instagram and at TheTwoMacks.com.

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