UPDATED! Quirky Creative Entrepreneur, Jacque Amadi Takes Us Inside of Her Cutesy, Dollhouse Apartment

I know that I am not the only Jacque Amadi fan!

Jacque Amadi is the blogger behind Jacque of All Trades and the founder of the curated soft fashion shop, Adorned By Chi. Jacque and I have been long time cyber friends (I swear that I have a list of imaginary friends in my head) and we recently partnered together to show off the Black & Proud Barbie T-shirts that everyone has been loving.
Quirky Black Girl
I've always wondered if Jacque is as girly and cutesey as the Adorned By Chi shop, and after looking at her apartment, the answer is a resounding yes! I love when people that you see online are just the same in real life. Jacque is a perfect example of someone who is their brand.

Check out Jacque's dollhouse apartment below (warning: you will definitely swoon!)

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