Erykah Badu Finally Breaks Down Her "Baduizms"

Have you ever wondered what it meant to be born underwater with three dollars and six dimes?
I don't know of many artists that can compete with Erykah Badu's timelessness, even in our fast-moving generation. A part of that is because of her eccentric "Baduizms".  As much of a fan we all are of Badu's music, sometime we get a little....lost.
"Baduizms are the things that I've learned over time," the musician tells CentricTV. Those things that motivate med, inspired me...all kind of things compiled together."

Badu makes it clear that she is not here to make mediocre music that is easy to comprehend. She is going after more of a feeling and looking to inspire.

Alright ladies and gents, get your pen and paper ready. It is time to take notes!

Want to hear your favorite Badu songs live?  Catch her on September 9th in Raleigh, NC during the Hopscotch Festival or stay tuned to the Quirky, Brown Love IG Stories for show coverage!

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