The Creative Staycation: A Necessity For Any Creative Entrepreneur

Does your mind race with new ideas so fast that it makes your brain hurt? Do you get so overwhelmed with your new ideas that you start feeling fatigued? That, my creative friend, is a sign that you need a creative staycation.
I would be a horrible business owner if I didn't listen to the demands of my biggest client: me. For weeks, I have been coming up with all of these awesome ideas; however, I felt so uninspired to actually put them into action.

I was reading some blog posts from a few of my favorite bloggers, and a few of them were talking about going on staycation since they couldn't afford the time to travel. With a 40+ hour job and a blog as a side hustle, this seemed like a perfect idea. The only thing is that I didn't want to take this break to get away from my business, I felt like I needed it in order to focus on my hustle in an uninterrupted environment.

In order to focus on my goals and take a break from reality, I reached out to the Aloft Raleigh-Durham Airport at Brier Creek for a comped stay and checked myself into the trendiest boutique hotel one ever did see.
The Location
When I was deciding on a location for my staycation, the Aloft Raleigh-Durham Airport at Brier Creek was the first location that came to mind. A lot of you know that I am also a Cytogenetic Technologist, so with my lab being right down the street, I drive past this area all of the time.

With all of the cool shops and restaurants in the Brier Creek area of Raleigh, I knew that I could literally pack an overnight bag and be covered on everything else.

Another reason that I chose the Aloft brand specifically is because I know that they cater to the creative millennial. I've never walked into an Aloft hotel and felt anything less than an eclectic and exciting vibe. The Aloft Raleigh-Durham Airport at Brier Creek was no different. Like, c'mon!  Look at this hotel lobby! It was the perfect atmosphere to help me rejuvenate and get my creative juices flowing again.
Re:fuel by Aloft
Usually when I go on vacation, I am scrambling trying to figure out what I can stuff down my face the second I get done unpacking. With Aloft, however, they have a cute concierge area right by check-in called Re:fuel that literally looks like a Pinterest candy party. 

You can also order real food there by filling out a simple order sheet and giving it to the front desk 24/7. Perfect for those late night hustle sessions.
The W XYZ Lounge
My goodness, they have a fully-equipped bar. Nuff said! In all seriousness, I found out that every Aloft Hotel has the W XYZ Bar and it made me think about how I can use these locations to host events for my blog. I've planned several blogger meet ups in the past and the hardest part is finding a good location for the amount of people that show up.

If you have an Aloft Hotel in your area, definitely consider hosting an after work get together at the W XYZ Lounge. If you happen to live in the Triangle, NC area, the Aloft Raleigh-Durham Airport at Brier Creek should be your location of choice. They even have a large patio area with a fireplace and cute modern chairs and tables.
The Amenities
If I had planned a longer stay, I would have definitely taken advantage of the splash pool and gym. I rarely find a hotel gym with free weights AND ab balls, so this was definitely a pleasant surprise; however, if you are just here for a creative staycation like I was, you most likely won't have to leave your room.

The Room
When choosing a room for your creative staycation, you need to be a little bit picky. Remember that you are doing this to regain focus on your craft, therefore double beds are out of the question for this stay (it'll be too tempting to allow family or others to stay the night with you). 

If I'm staying at a hotel for a staycation, I'm going all out so I requested a stay in the King Suite. It has a super plush king sized bed, as well as a desk and seating area that allows you several options of where you can work.

Obviously, my work place of choice is in bed. 
Working in bed makes the transition from working on the blog to thumbing through the complimentary issue of Fast Company that was in my room to mellowing out while watching Independence Day on the flat screen that much easier. That's just my opinion.
I don't know why I geeked out about this, but I loved the fact that the hotel had these refillable shampoo/conditioner and body wash dispensers. Not only do they look cool, but they are so much more eco-friendly than having a zillion of those little plastic bottles that you have to hit on the palm of your hand to get all of the liquid out! It definitely goes along with the Aloft hotel's green initiative.
Another cool thing that I found out is that Aloft is a pet-friendly hotel. There is nothing like some good ol' pet therapy after a long day of working on your brand. If my roommate's cat wasn't such a weirdo, I might have brought him with me (though his eyes sometimes scare me in the middle of the night).
Overall, I learned a few important lessons from my creative staycation:
  • Sometimes you need to get away from your environment in order to be inspired again
  • Without proper self-care, you can't successfully run a business
  • Stop talking yourself out of it. You deserve a vacation!

Where will you be going for your creative staycation?

Photography via Joshua Galloway

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