Quirky Creatives To Follow This Week: Edition One

Every creative entrepreneur needs a little bit of inspiration.

One important lesson that I've learned from being a quirky creative is how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. It is also important to support other creative entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Therefore, Quirky, Brown Love has curated a short list of quirky creatives that we definitely think you should know about.

These entrepreneurs have taken the leap of faith and are reaching further to own their purpose in life in their own creative ways. Check them out!

1. Cashmere Nicole
Cashmere Nicole, the Founder of Beauty Bakerie has overcome numerous obstacles from being a 16 year-old mother to beating breast cancer. Her courageous story has caught the eye of Beyonce’ and has been featured on the inspiration portion of her website. Beauty Bakerie is Cashmere’s cosmetic line that provides vegan cruelty-free cosmetic products. They are named after desserts that look and sound good enough to eat.
2. Chef Khepra Ana
Chef Khepra Ana, a raw foodist from Washington DC discovered that the amount of variety in foods for natural foodists are slim to none, this discovery provoked his idea for Khepra’s Raw Food Juice bar. His bar provides foods and juices that are organic,delicious, and unique. His menu includes crab cakes, cheesecake, and burgers all made from raw ingredients. He was recognized for his delectable treats at a Raw Food festival by being crowned Best Dish, Best Dessert, and Best Juice.

3. Asiyami Gold
Self-proclaimed visual storyteller, Asiyami Gold is a triple threat, a photographer, blogger, and traveler who uses her gift of photography to create memorable works of art. Each photograph is uniquely designed to evoke a specific story or concept. Recently she created a love story album for a newlywed couple entitled “A Love Story” here are a few of the gush worthy photos.
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4. Jay and Tri
Jay and Tri from London UK, are the founders of Curlture. They began their collective business journey by their desire to see more women in the UK rocking natural hairstyles. From this desire, Curlture was birthed. With their platform, they use videos and blogs to provide tips and tricks for their audience to maintain their natural african american hair. Jay and Tri’s mission for Curlture is not only to provide women with easy hairstyling tips but to help women embrace their kinks or curls.

Who are your favorite quirky creatives?

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