The Band, "The Beast" Has Created The Ultimate Side Hustler's Anthem

If you thought that Cassidy's mid-2000s hit, "I'm a Hustla" was the side hustler's anthem, you really don't know the struggle.

A few weeks ago, I opened up about how I am trying to find work life balance and how I sometimes end up staying up until the butt crack of dawn after working a 10 hour shift at my full time job. It can be so hard to stay motivated while working on your passion project after putting in hours for your employer.

I'm not complaining though because...

It is definitely a common trait of a millennial to be a side hustler and it is about time that we have a theme song. Our generation is finally realizing that life is too short to be stuck in a career that does not fulfill you.

I came across Pierce Freelon and his band, The Beast working around my current stomping grounds in Durham, North Carolina and instantly fell in love with their song, "Doin What I Love". The lyrics almost perfectly describe the situations that I know a lot of us side hustlers are currently going through.

"I used to work a 9 to 5 just to survive, but inside I'm feeling dead. Work on my passion every night. It's 3 AM, I'm way too tired and I just want to go to bed."
The Beast is no stranger to taking risks in their artistic platform. With almost a decade of experience working together, the quad is composed of tap-dancers, puppeteers and spoken word artists, all of which blend together to create unforgettable live performances.

Ready for your anthem, side hustler? Make sure to play this song whenever you feel like calling it a night early.
Make sure to keep up with The Beast on their website, Soundcloud and on social media (Facebook | Twitter)

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