Short Film, "Slumflower" Tells The Untold Narrative Of The Imaginative Child In The Hood

"In the midst of gun showers, there will be slumflowers."
One thing that I never knew that I was taking advantage of is my seemingly innate ability to hope. A lot of that hope, I am realizing, came from the environment that I grew up in. I have very supportive parents that exposed me a nurturing atmosphere and this combined with my determine nature allows me to know that I can achieve anything.

But, what about the child that did not grow up in the suburbs? What about the child that can still imagine green, lush pastures through the concrete jungle that is his reality?

Slumflower follows the life of Jeremiah, a 10 year old aspiring botanist that is living with his father in New York City. The film beautifully pieces together spoken word, powerful imagery and sartorial excellence to capture the untold narrative of a child's potential in a less-than nurturing environment.

 Excerpt from Slumflower
"You've been trying to grow a flower in that garden for month's right? And I remember when you told me that there was something wrong with the soil and you busted your butt to fix it. Then you said that the garden wasn't getting enough sunlight and you moved it. Then you said that it wasn't getting enough water, so you watered it twice a day and now you got a flower growing. And that's all because you decided not to give up, right?"
Slumflower is a short film that was created in 2015 by the popular mens lifestyle website turned Creative Agency Street Etiquette. Founded in 2008, Street Etiquette showcases style using a cultural, historical and urban perspective.

Watch Slumflower below:

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