Natasha James Is Selling Vegan Treats On a Tricycle

Imagine a woman with a curly 'fro tricycling towards you with a cart full of vegan goodies, blasting uplifting music...

If you are every in the Los Angeles area, you might run into the woman that I just described. Her name is Natasha James and she is one of the quirkiest and creative entrepreneurs that I have ever come across.

As someone who is always looking for ways to improve my diet, I've come across a list of vegan blogs, but I still wouldn't even know where to start. James, however makes it easy for her customers to try out the vegan lifestyle by catering to the sweet tooth that each and every one of us possesses.

Like seriously, this girl made a vegan "snickers" bar. Steal my heart, why don't you!

Raw Cell's mission statement
We're determined to encourage self care in a sweet way. Our vision reaches far beyond offering you nutritious treats. We want our treats to be a reminder to set daily goals of doing something good for your mind, body and soul. We're dedicated to delivering the best quality and value to you. Allow us to be your guide to what really matters in life. Your growth, health and happiness. Liberate yourself, one bite at a time

James also makes sure to take a stand on social issues through her social media. The chef says that Martin Luther King was an inspiration to her growing up because of his open heart, courage and passion.

Natasha on social injustice
"Focus on greatness and [don't] waste any energy looking down on someone else's journey. No matter the color or social/financial status, we're all a soul with a unique purpose. Don't let the brain washing system make you feel otherwise!"
Natasha on growing Raw Cells
"I remember when I finally got to pick up the tric[ycle] at the freight center, was so excited! Fast forward to now, it makes me happy to keep it growing and always learning something new everyday. If you don't know what keeps you happy yet, keep doing new things to see what sticks.

"Dedicate time to invest in yourself and pick a career that doesn't feel like a job. Excuses will ruin your dreams so don't be afraid to fail, be afraid of living with the regret of never trying!"
Natasha's message to judgmental vegans
"Vegans make vegans look bad. I've been vegan for almost 5 years and I usually wanna body slam most vegans. Evil glaring at everyone who eats steak is not helping anybody and flaunting how you're just soooo vegan is a pain in the ass. Judging and shoving your beliefs down peoples throat will not make them start juicing any sooner, you can't convince anyone to do anything but you can inspire.

"Instead let people know a little bit about the brainwashed meat industry, some vegan benefits, show them a documentary(forksoverknives + cowspiracy on Netflix) make/buy them good vegan food and then let them live!!

"P.s don't front like bbq chicken don't still smell good now that you're vegan."

Why Natasha went vegan
"I always used to feel sluggish with no energy so I did a ton of research on veganism and now I see food completely different. I don’t only see it for what it tastes like, but what it does for my body too. The vegan lifestyle is the only one that makes me feel the healthiest."

The takeaway message: "Don't treat your body like a trap house, eat Rawcells."

Make sure to stay up to beat with Raw Cells on Instagram and to learn more about the menu at

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