Not All Quirky Black Woman Look The Same:The Varying Aesthetic and Personality of The Quirky Black Woman

I wrote a post called 49 Black-Owned Fashion Companies That Cater Specifically To The Carefree, Quirky, Black Woman and most people loved it; however, I did receive some backlash, as well.

Although the post includes companies that represent women of all shades, shapes and sizes, some people were mad that I chose this picture when sharing the post on social media:
The people that complained to me said that the photograph only shows one type of carefree, quirky style and suggests that you can only be a quirky, Black woman if you dress this way.

While this was definitely not my intention, I can see where these angry people are coming from.

The women above are dressed in very bohemian styles, which to some represents a quirky woman that has a very hippy-era way of living. I consider myself somewhat of a semi-conservative modern day hippy, yet I (unfortunately) don't own any clothes that look like those above. Clothing in our society does say a lot about you; however, it is not everything.

I remember growing up and having my mom dress me in all of the trendy brands that were popular in the Black community. Wearing these types of clothes made me appear a certain way to people and therefore affected who I attracted as friends. As much as I wanted to be cool with the kids that liked the same alternative rock music as me, I only attracted friends that were as hip hop as my Baby Phat jeans.

I was still a quirky, Black girl inside though, you would have never known it without having a conversation with me. 

Fast forward to my years of dressing myself and I struggled to find a style that correctly displayed my identity. Whether it was band t-shirts, decorative tutus or lace gloves, I knew that a quirky girl lived inside.

Nowadays, I pretty much dress like a normal, slightly basic girl because of my lack of time (and let's be honest, I like to be comfortable), but I always add a little bit of flair, like my Adorned By Chi cat ears to stay true to my personality. I don't even dress like the women in the picture above, but that doesn't make me any less of a quirky, Black woman.

I don't experiment with my hair color much now that I'm natural, I don't have a septum piercing and I rarely let my stomach show in public. I still consider myself to be a quirky, Black woman.

It crazy how sometimes we stereotype ourselves into these boxes that we don't even live up to or want to live up to. I'll be the first to admit that I don't watch much anime (though Death Note has been tugging on my brain cells), even though this is an activity that is seen as being stereotypically quirky. When people come across my blog, they always ask me what my definition of being quirky is and I always say the same thing: being your entire self no matter who is watching. I am still glad that I used the picture to advertise my post because it showed Black women that there are people out there that are making clothing for the bohemian lifestyle, one that was seemed to be reserved for our non-Black counterparts for so long. I do, however, want my readers to know that it is not clothing or a certain personality type that makes you quirky.

If you find that weird thing that you love and stay true to it, no matter who is in the room, you are all-around quirky in my book, no matter what clothes you are wearing.

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