Yagazie Emezi Shows The World Nigeria Through Her Eyes

How does one capture the essence of a country with just a camera? Yagazie Emezi seems to be up for the challenge to find out.

Yagazie Emezi is an artist and photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She studied Cultural Anthropology and African Studies in the United States before returning to Nigeria to work as a Visual Curator for Bialere, a digital platform focused on showcasing young African creatives.

Emezi's photography focuses primarily on documentary, fashion and travel around the African continent. She is a contributing photographer to Everyday Africa and a graduate of Borders Within 2016: The Trans-Nigerian Road Trip across Nigeria with Invisible Borders.
Photo cred: @theforgetterseye
Emezi also has a Youtube channel that discusses social issues, her personal life, and a plethora of topics rarely addressed openly in African communities, such as eating disorders and sexuality.
The photographer currently resides in Nigeria and has done a wonderful job capturing unique narratives throughout the country.
"No one knows what you have been through or what your pretty little eyes have seen, but I can reassure you - whatever you have conquered, it shines."

"A lady - I remember catching buses a lot in Nigeria. I made sure to always sit by a window and watch everything go by. I liked watching other people and their various expressions cramped in their own spaces, wondering about their lives. In my earlier days, it was for school. Friends sitting on friends to cut on costs and space, people smelling of noon and their homes.

"Other memories were in New York where I strangely can't remember what late night job I had. But I remember always being tired and one time, I caught my reflection and could not recognize my own face for a few seconds. Then I saw someone watching me from their car and realized I was that person they had the questions for.

"What is she thinking? Is she going or coming? Happy or sad? I like these fleeting faces and brief thoughts on the intricacies in another's life."
"Boys on the street in childhood. Warri."

"A young fruit seller keeps a keen eye on hagglers, wrapper bunched up heavily around his waist."
"The boys lingered in the background but the girls, the girls were unafraid and curious."

"Coco held out her hand to the child on the bus after the mother said, "Don't touch her, she's albino." A simple gesture and a step towards dispelling ignorance surrounding albinos."

"Talks with Father Dearest over his handwritten autobiography while sharing whiskey in dusky glasses."

"The other side of sleep"

"Can you feel a story?"

For more, make sure to check out Yagazie Emezi's website and Instagram.

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