Eulanda and Omo Are The Traveling Couple We All Want To Be

Imagine traveling to foreign lands with your partner in crime. This couple is living the dream.

Eulanda and Omo are the authors behind the blog, Hey, Dip Your Toes In (HDYTI) and are both writers for House of Coco Magazine. The husband and wife powerhouse are using their platforms to share with their readers the food and culture of their favorite vacation spots, while also sharing the stories of other travelers.
Photography: Fiona Cone
How The Couple Describes Their Relationship
"Think Clark Kent and Lois Lane in a Bruno Mars ‘Lazy Song’ kinda way…although unlike the song suggests, we like to do a bit more than walking around in pajamas all day. "

What They Do When They Are Not Traveling and Blogging
"My day job involves IT, risk management and stuff like that while Eulanda is a professional photographer, dancer, choreographer and graphic designer. She certainly has enough creative energy for both of us!"
The Couple's Origins
"I grew up in Surulere, Lagos while Eulanda grew up in Denver, Colorado. Although we grew up seemingly worlds apart, we were destined to meet in London. Our shared Christian faith helps us appreciate the beauty of creation and the fact that we’re alive to enjoy it. The simple things in life make us happy."
What "Dip Your Toes In" Means To Them
"'Dipping our toes' into this rich sea of life means that we’re constantly looking out for opportunities to try new cuisines, sample new music, mingle with other cultures and capture new images. Together, we try to explore the less traveled roads and search out those bespoke experiences that you’ll probably never find advertised (think ‘off-the-beaten-track’). We enjoy discovering those hole-in-the-wall places that serve up the most amazing adventures. We have an eye for experiences that are carefully designed and crafted but which are equally not so restrictive that they become boring. We love giving things our own unique twist."

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