Editor's Note: 24 of My Favorite Articles That I've Written Before I Turned 24

While everyone else is out enjoying their American Independence Day cookouts, I'm in my pajamas doing a blog audit...while turning 24 and what not.

The "Jordan Year" (year 23) was a very transitional year, not only in accomplishments and lifestyle change, but also in mindset. I have learned so much about myself this year and the world around me. I was thinking about doing a "24 Things I Learned" post, but I felt that it would be more effective to evaluate my writing and see how I have grown.

Here is a curated list of post that I have written that I believe display my mission for Quirky, Brown Love as well as the transition in my writing.

1. How To Blog Consistently: The No BS Guide
2. 150+ Makeup Tutorial YouTubers Categorized By The Various Beautiful Shades Of Brown
3. How To Be a Conscious, Black Couple in Today's Society
4. Kamasi Washington Shares His Top Advice For Aspiring Musicians
5. This Is Also Black: Amina Mucciolo, Mermaid Fashionista
6. #NYFW Insider: Recap of New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016

7. A Toast To The Alternative Black Kids and The Families Who Just Don't Understand
8. Light Skinned & "Nappy": What Happened To My Self-Esteem When People Stopped Asking What I Was Mixed With
9. Cooking With Real Butter Because You Can't Bootleg Everything in Life
10. Dealing With Social Anxiety While In A Black Sorority
11. How To Shop Black-Owned Businesses For Everyday Life
12. A Fly Drowned In My Beer, And It Changed My Whole Perspective On Life

13. Black People, It's Okay If You Were Not Raised in the 'Hood
14. Girlfriend, It Is Time To Let Go Of "That Guy"
15. If You Don't Know "A Different World", We Can't Date
16. We Were Late On Rent This Month, But We Decided To Be Happy
17. What To Do When You Realize That You Are Starting To Not Like People
18. I'm Quirky and Black, But I Don't Watch Anime

19. Google, I Prefer My Love With Clothes On: Thoughts on "Black Love"
20. Hail To The Quirky, Brown Girl: No You Cannot Take My Black Card
21. Black People Don’t Tip: The Stereotype That Is Costing Me a Fortune 
22. On The Verge of Failure and Climbing Mountains
23. Changing The Discussion On Black Fathers- 21 Pictures of Everyday Black Fathers
24. Confessions of an Introverted Blogger: I May Not Be Ready To Make It Big

As always, thank you for continued support of Quirky, Brown Love. I am always so shocked to see the love that I get from the online community. Which articles are your favorite?

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