Editor's Note: Thank You For Letting Us Mourn.

My beloved readers, it has been a hard week for all of us.

With a birthday that is shared with White America's freedom, I've spent the first week of my 24th year questioning if I am really free. The senseless public murders of two additional community brothers and I don't see the call for justice coming anytime soon. Already bracing myself for a disappointing verdict, I have been emotionally fatigued.

As a blogger that tries so hard to share positivity with my readers, I have opted to share truth today. I had a week's worth of posts already scheduled to write for you all, but it just doesn't feel right. How can I go about my way and not acknowledge the hurt that my community is feeling?

The Black blogger community is struggling right now to stay positive. 

Your favorite bloggers are still trying to figure out the words to say and trying to figure out the best ways to talk about murder amidst their OOTD posts and hair tutorials. Some of us have figured out a way to talk about it on our platforms, while others have been shocked into silence. Don't think for a second, however, that it is because they don't care.

On Quirky, Brown Love, I have decided to take a some time for silence. I'll have a few posts for next week, but it won't be at my normal volume or schedule. I am mourning just like you are and I just can't bring myself to be useful.

Thank you for letting us, your bloggers, mourn.

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