To The Black Cosplay Lover Who Would Still F Up Some Commas

Quirky, Black soul, you hold a special place in my heart.

Growing up quirky and Black was a very tricky and complicated thing. For the longest time I tried to hide my hobbies from my friends and family members that just didn't understand that I was an "alternative Black kid".

I love alternative rock, I watch Adventure Time on the daily, I would hike over going to the mall any day and the idea of cosplay excites me. For this, people call me an oreo, quirky and try to take my imaginary Black card.

So when this same quirky, Black girl turns up your radio to sing every word of some old school Tupac or the latest Future song, people really just can't handle themselves.
For some reason, the thought that a person can be multi-dimensional and like more than just one genre of music or one type of activity is baffling to people. Why do anime and hip hop have to be two mutually exclusive interests?

As if a love for animation or hiking somehow makes us view Jay Z and Chance The Rapper as anything less than lyrical geniuses. Attending ComiCon doesn't make my backside immune to the twerk-thumping beats that are played at the after party of the convention.

People try their very hardest to put us in a box based on their initial assessment and are left dumbfounded when we A-town stomp all over and outside of that box.
Quirky, Black people, please feel free to be your complete and total self. Don't feel like you can only like certain things just because our breed of awesomeness isn't represented in the media. Some people are confused by our ability to not only adapt to different situations, but also find joy in a variety of things that society tries to limit to one ethnic group.

Bottom line: be unapologetically you and continue to F it up on the dance floor in your Hot Topic band t-shirts. Who is going to stop you?

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